Friday, September 17, 2010

I know it's a convention, but seriously. The EveryCon Conundrum. Or, a short and cranky rant!

It's 7:07PM on a Friday night, I'm still at work, and for some reason, right now, it's bothering the crap out of me that every single GT (even when it's JUST a GT) has this crazy obsession with adding "con" to the end of their name.

STOP IT ALREADY. HAVE SOME IMAGINATION. CALLING YOUR EVENT "LOCALSCRUBRTTCON" is not going to get me to attend. It's not catchy or cute. It's unoriginal.

Oh, and Stelek, stop calling the NOVA --- NOVACON.

Next we'll have the Jamescon

Followed by the Wrathcon

And the OCDcon to follow

And of course, they can rename the new Hawaii 5.0 to SCOTTCON

Because you know, whatever, just call it a Con.

Oh, by the way, apparently I'm playing either Fritz or Danny Internets at the Battle For Salvation's own version of the Whiskey Challenge / Celebrity Deathmatch thing. How bout dat.

Not sure I'll actually go, though ... they've got no cred at all ... maybe if they were named THE BATTLE FOR SALVATCON.

[Caan, Khaaaaaaaan, Con Men, Caan(2)]


  1. Hmm, maybe I should have called the 2nd one


  2. Hahah this was a great post - thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

  3. Or the NOVA KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (but only if you can hire William Shatner to say it)


  5. We can get the Gamer's Lounge guys to call the streaming video ConAir!

  6. In OZ we have 'The BigWeekend' and Orktoberfest oh yes we have Gencon and Cancon too but we are a tad more inventive!

  7. Sounds like a real CON job here.

    I agree the use of CON where its just a normal IGT is tedious. I can expect places like Adepticon and Wargamescon to have the con ending since they are more so conventions with multiple tournaments than just 1.