Monday, February 1, 2016

NOVA Open 2016 Registration Opens TONIGHT! Do NOT Miss Out!

Well, today's the day NOVA goes live for more than just the feverishly busy Exec Board and Leads.

Hotel Rooms:

Things I'd recommend snagging while they last tonight ...

  1. SuperNOVA passes. These lasted only one hour last year. I have no problem saying they are the best VIP program bags you can find at a tabletop gaming convention anywhere. That doesn't belittle others, either. They're just THAT good, thanks in large part to KR MultiCase and our other wonderful partners.
  2. Swag Bags. Last year, over 1,200 individuals attended NOVA Open. Only 400 of them qualified for our first 400 registrants receiving Swag Bags. Those Swag Bags are ALSO awesome, and this year get even more awesome due to the addition of special Golden Tickets by KR to many of the bags, good for free product (Some of it quite expensive) at the KR Booth at NOVA. It's very possible we'll clear our 400 swag bags early on this year - snag them while you can, even if you miss out on the SuperNOVA.
  3. Seminars. With the addition of 4-hour intensive workshops by Roman and Raffa, the return of super-popular sold-out classes by Justin McCoy and Caleb Wissenback, and the addition of very limited-space classes taught by acclaimed artist Jessica "Brushmistress" Rich, seminars are set to go very, very quickly, especially those in the most optimal time slots. Don't miss 'em.
  4. Malifaux National Championships. Last year's event wound up selling out, and this year looks to be in much higher demand now that the game has grown even more and last year's absentees had a year to plan for it. We are not offering more spots for it at this time, so when they're gone, they might very well be gone. Do not miss out.
  5. X-Wing Events. Last year's events all sold out. The Hunger Games events sold out on the day of registration opening. There are less Hunger Games this year, to make room for new Armada and Imperial Assault additions to the schedule. When they're gone, they're gone.
  6. All the things! Last year's NOVA was by about 400 people the largest yet. It only looks to get bigger this year. By and large, most of our events sold out. That is likely in 2016 as well, only at a faster pace. Just get registered!
  7. Hotel Rooms. This one is unique for this year. We've already booked 20% of our room block. You really don't want to miss out on the ability to stay in the convention hotel. Even locals and staffers now stay at the hotel instead of commuting during NOVA. There's just too much to do and too much socializing and fun to be had well into the wee hours of the morning each night. 

Good luck getting the events and items you want. The NOVA's exec staff will be online and ready to triage any issues you have. Contact us at with any questions that arise.