Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eliza Mary W@tkins

I just wanted to give a big congratulations to James and Samantha Watkins on the successful birth of their baby girl and firstborn child.

James and Sam worked tirelessly to support the NOVA this year.  They were there almost every single day we worked on terrain and tables and the like.  Sam sat 9 months pregnant and stuffed swag bags.  James repeatedly got staples and paint and all sorts of other things all over himself helping us drybrush and base paint and form and cut and build a million hills and buildings and everything else.

These are two of the finest people I've ever been blessed to know.  They mean the world to me, and I just have to share my excitement and joy at the growth of their family with ya'll.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FYI and Jazz - Results Soon

Some quick hit results.

40k Open GT, field of 206 after Irene drops
Overall Track:
1. Gabe Dobkin
2. Tony Kopach
3. Bob Evers

Generalship Track:
1. Tony Kopach
2. Allan Hernandez
3. Devin Schafer (sp)

Also will have pics for these, but ...
Gabe Dobkin's Cobra Commander Guard army won Best Army (Sum of All Parts)
Chris Dubuque's Sanguinor won Best Single Mini (Well Beyond Crayon)
Joe Johnson's Salamander Commander won Best Conversion (A Miniature Frankenstein)

All bracket winners, full results, paint scores, etc. etc. etc. for all events should be releasing in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


All bloggers, forum posters, etc., please repost this and keep it "alive" all over ... you can tune into the NOVA Open Live Feed starting tomorrow at around 6:00PM, and it'll be "up" for the majority of the Open thereafter, including the Whiskey Challenges on Thursday night, Invitational all day Friday, and the Open on Sat and Sun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011 Whiskey Challenges! Roommate NEEDED!

EDIT:  Brother Loring, a British or Welsh or some odd fellow, is looking for a roomsharer for the NOVA.  He'll be flying across the Atlantic on short notice ... anyone able to share?  Need to know ASAP!  E-Mail

So, this year has a bevy of Whiskey Challenge match-ups for ya'll to enjoy at event and from afar via live cam ... here's how they pan out in no particular order:

PS - I apologize for the lack of polish on the writing here ... I am going CRAZY with a million little nitnoids to wrap up here in the last day before I move into the Hyatt for the NOVA.

1. Dash of Pepper, Justin Hilderbrandt, of Dakka infamy, GT fame, and They Shall Know Fear blog
Troy Esposito, who posts on Dakka as Grimwulfe

These guys are going at it Dark Eldar vs. Space Wolf.  Troy took up Dash's challenge that NO Space Wolf player can possibly beat his Dark Eldar.

2. Stelek, aka Andrew Sutton, of Yes the Truth Hurts
Mike Somerville, a DC local who took "Best Guard" at the Throne of Skulls, and has the St. Omerville Blog

Andy and Mike have gone at it a little on YTTH, as Andy criticized Mike for even talking about "winning" "Best Guard" at Throne of Skulls.  There's also talk of Somerville possibly bringing Footdar ... or perhaps Necron?  Or maybe he'll just attempt to show Stelek what Best Guard really means.

3. 11th Company Podcast vs. 40k Radio

I think they are playing for pinkslips.  Whichever side wins, they take over the other side's podcast!  Or ... maybe they're just playing for cash.  Either way, I hear Romeo waffled out of competing, and put in his right-hand-man Kyle.  Pat Higgs, the chief interview guru for 11th Co, is taking them on using his Daemons.  Or I think he's using Grey Knights.  WHO KNOWS.  Either way, expect shenanigans aplenty.

4. Chumbalaya, aka Jeremy Chamblee, of Blackjack and Hookers the Blog
Xaereth, aka Adam Tricola, an Invitaional qualifier, blogger at Delusions of Grandeur, and Dark Eldar fellow of ill or high repute (Depending on who you talk to!)

These guys are not only playing each other and hailing from geographically disparate areas of the country, but they're sharing a room together at the hotel.  I don't know if this will be a deathmatch or a love fest ... I'm kinda grossed out either way.

5. Targetawgs, Andrew Gonyo, Multiple 2010/2011 GT winner or high placer, multiple Invitational Qualifier, and guy with a pretty purple army

Well, he calls himself that; also known as boy wonder Nick Nanavati, of the Brown Paintbrush blog

These two know each other ... much the worse ... and I think they're both even playing Grey Knights.  May the psyflespam begin!  At least they both paint gorgeous armies!

6. ManBoyGenius, aka Rob Baer, aka SpikeyBits ... who blogs at the Spikey Bits blog, and is well known on the tourney circuit
JAWABALLS, because I had to caps it, aka Chris Dubuque, of the blog ... well ... Jawaballs, plus Games Day Banner wins and Heroes of Armageddon and other sorts of artistic and competitive fame

Chris and Rob apparently go way back, but haven't played in some time (since Rob lived up in the Long Island, NY area of the world).  Two GT regulars going at it.

7. Eric, aka Eric Hoerger, of the White Scars Blog and the DC area
Stillfrosty, aka Brandon Vallee, also of the White Scars Blog

Both of these guys are using variant White Scar lists against each other ... and they both post for the White Scars blog ... and they don't actually know each other in person (yet) ... Stillfrosty is also qual'ed for the Invitational the next day.

8. Sandwyrm, aka Keith G., of the Back 40k, a very popular blog and a well-known guard player ...
Fritz, aka Fred Feddeck, of Fritz40k/The Way of Saim Hann, also a very popular blog and a very well-known esoteric list / Eldar / etc. player ....

These two well-known names from the blogging / internet world should have an interesting game together ... mobile guard against ... perhaps ... Tyranid.  Unless Fritz wants to bring a different list for the Challenge match.

Friday, August 19, 2011



Awesome awesome wrecked Wave Serpent / Ruins terrain, brought to you by James Watkins and Bob Likins (the Rogue General Hunter).  These guys were with me every step of the way on the terrain build, and really spearheaded it in some key ways.  Bravo ...

So, we have over $26,000 in total prize and swag bag support this year.  Yeah.

We honestly got a very late start on sponsor pursuit, but we had a bunch of great ones hit the surface to help us out.

There are a TON of things in our swag bag, and I'm not going to show you pictures of most of them, but I thought I'd share a couple ...

Pulled from a post I made on Dakka:

Swag is rolling in, mass project stuffing the bags tomorrow ... sorry for photo quality, it's a crappy 'old' Droid.

NOVA Swag Bags (reusable goodness):

New objective (left) next to last year's objective (Right) ... collect 'em each year ... Loser of Game 8 gets 2, Winner gets 3, there'll be 5 on every table (and we have backups in case of shenanigans, natch):

Partly sponsored by Warstore, double-LED + laser pointer all metal keychains (these are sweet, and way cooler even than last year's long-lived pointers):

SpikeyBitz / NOVA logo shot glasses:

There is a TON more in every swag bag ... scenic bases and magnets and snacks and tons of bitz and all manner of goodness. Don't want to give EVERYTHING away.

Up for a spontaneous trip? A small handful of 40k GT spots left due to last minute drops, plus there's the trios team tournament, malifaux, warmachine (Each with just a couple spots left), and just a ton of open gaming and fun stuff to do!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Appearance Scoring Explanation and Rubric for the NOVA 40k and Fantasy Events

These are the final drafts of the Appearance Scoring Rubric / Explanation for 40k and Fantasy events at the NOVA 2011.

Just to keep the images rolling, here's a shot of one of our more esoteric foam-based pieces ... a bunker that's been busted through by a Devilfish:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruins and Upcoming Posts

Many new posts coming this week, including sample NOVA Open battle reports, updated FAQ and final packets for the Invitational and Trios Team, plus a couple of editorial revisions to the primary GT packet.  Fantasy final packet will also release, and we'll re-up the Malifaux and Warmachine/Hordes Packs.

Information on the DC Bar Crawl and other things will also be up here.

As far as ruins go, here's a link to Bob Likins' Rogue General Hunter blog ... Bob's one of a handful of guys who've given countless hours to helping the NOVA finish making up for an unexpected terrain donor loss only a couple of months ago ... we now have over 1010 pieces of 40k terrain ready to go for the 2011 NOVA Open ... crazy.  Here are a tiny handful of them ...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Final Mission Packet (Draft), NOVA FAQ v3

Please review, playtest, enjoy, and reply with any curiosities or questions or typos!
Note that amendments made for typos/etc. will show up in the guide books for each attendee in appropriate final version.

Mission order will not change.  Final Team Tournament and Invitational Packets are being dusted off.

NOVA Open Final 40k GT Mission Packet


Monday, August 1, 2011


Final rules packets will go up today for 40k.  NOVA FAQ v3 will go up today.

Yesterday we finished 100 buildings and area/scatter terrain pieces.  The 40k tables will be populated with 896 pieces in total of terrain.


Here's a rando snapshot of a few of our simpler / foam / foamcore pieces ... (which still look pretty nice!)

And here's a rando shot of some of us felting tables in 100 degree heat.  I'm in the green. The things we do for ya'll!

Also, we're contemplating releasing an item-generic budget for all to peruse ... thoughts on doing so?  We still field some people thinking that $100 for a 40k spot is too pricey, that we must be pocketing a profit.  I'm not sure if it would be a positive or negative thing to share with the general viewing audience exactly how much we are makin ... er, losing on the NOVA 2011 :)

And because it's a good day, here's a lol for the day: