Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FYI and Jazz - Results Soon

Some quick hit results.

40k Open GT, field of 206 after Irene drops
Overall Track:
1. Gabe Dobkin
2. Tony Kopach
3. Bob Evers

Generalship Track:
1. Tony Kopach
2. Allan Hernandez
3. Devin Schafer (sp)

Also will have pics for these, but ...
Gabe Dobkin's Cobra Commander Guard army won Best Army (Sum of All Parts)
Chris Dubuque's Sanguinor won Best Single Mini (Well Beyond Crayon)
Joe Johnson's Salamander Commander won Best Conversion (A Miniature Frankenstein)

All bracket winners, full results, paint scores, etc. etc. etc. for all events should be releasing in the next couple of days.


  1. Thanks again for putting on a great event, especially given the weather.

  2. Well done Mike. I eagerly await all data :).

  3. Excellent event Mike, thank you. Had a great time. :D

  4. Overall an excellent event, Mike. One area that I think could be addressed:

    I know that an announcement was made wrt to the push-back to 830 Sunday AM, but, posting it in writing, and on the web-site would have been nice. (and would have let me get an extra half hour of sleep :-))

    Again, thanks for all your work, and I look forward to attending next year

    Jon C. (The guy whose wife called)

  5. OK so there was a sort error, and Gabe Dobkin did indeed win Best Overall, but the #2 and #3 are now corrected.

    Final results will be going up today most likely; trying to attach Codex to each name before posting.

  6. Looking forward to seeing the whole results. As well as the hundreds of pics James took.

  7. MIke, Great Event! World class event with world class management from your team. Looking forward to the bracket results.

    Aaron Aleong

  8. WOW! Gabe was in shock Sunday evening. He had no idea he was even in the running. Devin taking 3rd in Generalship was awesome. We all had an absolute blast at this event and hope to be able to attend next year.

  9. Congrats to all the winners!

    I am glad to see that Jawaballs Sanguinor won 'Well Beyond Crayon'! I am amazed by that model. It is the best NMM model I have seen yet!

    Watching the live feed by the 11th company was a real treat. I really hope the financials will allow me to make it out next year!

  10. We suspect that G. Dobkins brought the hurricane with him from Florida to take out some of the competition :) And he sure looked a bit worried when I asked about some differences in the finish on two of his vehicles.

    And Jawaballs was worried about a small paint chip on Sanguinius's sword. We take battle damage into account when judging.

  11. Grats to the rightful winners of General and Overall tracks!

  12. Well done gents! That's for the volunteers and organizers as well as the participants whether they won an award or just didn't drop. I had an absolutely great time.

  13. O snap lol Im just glad to have played so many amazing people and still do well enough for 3rd with generalship. Gabe's face was priceless when he heard he won Renaissance man.
    12 hour drive from Florida through a hurricane to play 40k at an amazing event with only 90 minutes of sleep the first day and maybe 2 hours the next. Greatest game in the world. Thank you Nova