Friday, August 19, 2011



Awesome awesome wrecked Wave Serpent / Ruins terrain, brought to you by James Watkins and Bob Likins (the Rogue General Hunter).  These guys were with me every step of the way on the terrain build, and really spearheaded it in some key ways.  Bravo ...

So, we have over $26,000 in total prize and swag bag support this year.  Yeah.

We honestly got a very late start on sponsor pursuit, but we had a bunch of great ones hit the surface to help us out.

There are a TON of things in our swag bag, and I'm not going to show you pictures of most of them, but I thought I'd share a couple ...

Pulled from a post I made on Dakka:

Swag is rolling in, mass project stuffing the bags tomorrow ... sorry for photo quality, it's a crappy 'old' Droid.

NOVA Swag Bags (reusable goodness):

New objective (left) next to last year's objective (Right) ... collect 'em each year ... Loser of Game 8 gets 2, Winner gets 3, there'll be 5 on every table (and we have backups in case of shenanigans, natch):

Partly sponsored by Warstore, double-LED + laser pointer all metal keychains (these are sweet, and way cooler even than last year's long-lived pointers):

SpikeyBitz / NOVA logo shot glasses:

There is a TON more in every swag bag ... scenic bases and magnets and snacks and tons of bitz and all manner of goodness. Don't want to give EVERYTHING away.

Up for a spontaneous trip? A small handful of 40k GT spots left due to last minute drops, plus there's the trios team tournament, malifaux, warmachine (Each with just a couple spots left), and just a ton of open gaming and fun stuff to do!

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