Monday, August 1, 2011


Final rules packets will go up today for 40k.  NOVA FAQ v3 will go up today.

Yesterday we finished 100 buildings and area/scatter terrain pieces.  The 40k tables will be populated with 896 pieces in total of terrain.


Here's a rando snapshot of a few of our simpler / foam / foamcore pieces ... (which still look pretty nice!)

And here's a rando shot of some of us felting tables in 100 degree heat.  I'm in the green. The things we do for ya'll!

Also, we're contemplating releasing an item-generic budget for all to peruse ... thoughts on doing so?  We still field some people thinking that $100 for a 40k spot is too pricey, that we must be pocketing a profit.  I'm not sure if it would be a positive or negative thing to share with the general viewing audience exactly how much we are makin ... er, losing on the NOVA 2011 :)

And because it's a good day, here's a lol for the day:


  1. People appreciate the effort put into the event Mike. So much happens behind the scenes more so for a larger event like Nova. Thanks for putting it together so we can all show up and throw dice and win random prizes. =)

  2. Great job and work Mike and team. I know people like to complain. Thanks for changing the tournament scene with a great tournament system and putting all that hard work into the Nova.

  3. And just to remind folks that when GW used to host Grand Tournaments - the cost was $125+ (just to play the tourney) and not any where close to the overall quality of the NOVA.

  4. great job mike !

    anyone who has run a tournament knows that theres no profit in running one of them. But i think its a great idea to let the general public know that these thing are done for the love of the hobby and certainly not for a profit.

    Most tournaments lose money.. tournaments that do get lucky enought to make a few bucks put it back into next years tournament.

    BTW... you fuckers are felting your boards ! i love it. Expensive but i must say awsome. I priced it out doing it that way but decided against it. Maybe when you have a free second (lol) i would love to hear where you got the product from.

  5. Awesome, where will the packet & FAQ typically be posted?

  6. Looks great Mike. I just keep multiplying everything I see by 128 and know that you are putting up a lot of money just for tables and terrain.

  7. Well two days of into the night work days later and Aug 3 is now packet day "for real."

    The number of site hits coming off this link is absurd, so I apologize for making you all repeatedly click the NOVA Open site looking for the packet.

  8. You're doing a great job!

    I know you lost at least a few thousand on last year's NOVA. So I won't begrudge you a few bucks. Especially when it's such a small fraction of the total cost of travel, hotel, etc.

    My dad used to run model railroad conventions, so I know that events like this almost always lose money. You do it for the love of the hobby and I appreciate that.

  9. I can't thank you enough, you have really raised the bar on 40k competitions. The work you and guys like Wargamescon and Adepticon have put into your events is as monolithic as the scale of 40k itself. I can't wait, I suspect like ATC and Wargmescon this will be a must attend event for me in the years to come.

  10. Your doing a great job Mike. Please keep it up. After going to the Bugeater Gt and seeing the Nova format, I was sold. I will not make it this year but it's in the budget for next year. (It's spendy coming out from Iowa)