Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NOVA Invitational Update - Invitational Alternate "Application"

Good Morning All,

The NOVA Invitational is nearing full in terms of available spots being awarded.  There are several alternates who will be contacted over the next week or so to confirm that their spot has come up.

When all is said and done, there will probably be a couple of other spots available.  So, how do we go about handing these out?  Well, it's application and lottery time.

If you'd like to participate in the Invitational, please e-mail me: ... and we will continue individualized discussions there.  In your e-mail, please include:

The 1750 Point Army List you would bring
Your general RTT and GT experience over the last year
Whether you are already attending the Open for the GT
No salesmanship or pitch.

In other news, a certain game involving paths and wars and being of similar scale to 40k and coming in the future may be showing and even giving away some of the earliest possible looks at its new miniatures at the NOVA this year.   Only a handful of 40k spots and hotel rooms remain ...


  1. And we ought to have a boobie prize for anyone that loses all their games. It sucks to lose, but it's cool that they stuck it out rather than leaving and messing up the math just because they had a bad game or two.


  2. How about a golden (baby) seal? :) Totally agree though. I was the winner(?) of such an award in the last two Warma-Hordes tournaments I was in -- sucked to lose all of my games but it was nice to at least get something for sticking it out.

  3. Spaguatyrine (aaron) was wanting in real bad. He gets my vote for inclusion.

  4. Excellent. A baby seal prize would be quit nice. How many is a handful of spots?

  5. Added what I want in e-mail sent. FP - have Spags read and send!

  6. How many spots depends on how many people cannot attend.

  7. That was in reference to the Open, not the invitational. Probably should have stated that.

  8. It's not sold out yet, feel free to sign up!

  9. Should we expect a response? Or just assume if we send you our info, it has been recognized and entered?

  10. "Your general RTT and GT experience over the last year"

    Just curious, why is this here?

  11. It's an additional filter, to be used based upon how many applicants for alternate spots we receive.

    It's one thing to state that you will bring a strong list. It's another to be experienced enough playing it repeatedly against hard opponents in a 2 hour time-limited span. GENERALLY speaking, more RTT's and GT's participated in (and with a better record), is a good sign. That's not the only sign, and it is not a barrier to entry either. Just data for us to have.

    The thing here is that we cannot take "bad" players ... because the Invitational does not have the same bracketing and # of rounds as the Open GT, to ensure that the field is fairly evaluated. If Invitational GT Champ #1 draws a "scrub" in Round 1, the evaluative power of the field is weakened as a result. So, if someone sends in an app and says "I've never played in a GT or RTT before, and my list is 200 hormagaunts and a parasite of mortrex," I know to politely suggest the GT only.