Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Game Length for NOVA "Final" Missions ...

So, we last year used RGL 6-7

I'm considering three options for this year at present -

1) RGL 6-7 again
2) Standard RGL 5-6-7
3) Variable RGL; 5-6-7 for Pitched/Spearhead; 6-7 for Dawn of War

Which do YOU think works best, and - more importantly - why?


  1. I like the BRB's RGL (#2). I like needing to account for the possibility of the game ending early.

    Offsetting the wonky start of Dawn of War, though isn't something I've played with but sounds really interesting... so I suppose you can put me down for #3.

  2. 2 - I think that, like kill points, it serves as a valuable balancing factor, around which the costs in the 6th ed armies have been set.

  3. I vote number 2 it is balanced and forces you to deal with the chance the game ending sooner forcing more tactical choices from the players. Also it's not uncommon for people not to get through 7 turns at a tourney.

  4. My vote is for #2, but could probably be pulled into the #3 camp pretty easily.

  5. I'd vote 2, because simplicity is key. But my heart says 3. Dawn of War is silly, so it's nice to account for that "lost" first turn.

  6. 2 though 3 works as well.

    Having that extra turn of needing to prepare for game end is important IMO.

  7. My vote is for #2 as well, for the same reasons as Drkmorals, who already said it better than I could.

  8. 3...it gives a better chance to play a 'full' game when you are basically robbed of a turn.

  9. My evil elves either wipe the table in 4 or get hung up in combat forcing the game to slow so that only four rounds get played before time runs out. I vote for no KP missions ;)

    But really, I'm ok with any of the options and 2 would be my preference.