Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hotel Rooms, and a Hill

The Hyatt Regency is selling out.  It is free to reserve your hotel room.  Please reserve it now.  Stop forgetting!  I know exactly what the slackers are doing, b/c I can often be one too - you say to yourself, "when I get home I'm going to reserve that hotel room."  Well, forgetting to each day is costing you raffle tickets and risking you losing out on a room!

If you immediately went searching around for "superior deals" and found $99/night or similar at the Motel 8, you're not saving much; the regency is $109/night for double rooms or king rooms!

We've been building a metric crud ton of terrain ... here's a random WIP hill shot:

Any hill such as this will count as 4+ area terrain, in addition to maintaining significant LOS blockage from various angles.

Hence slow postage!


  1. I reserved today! Do I get mah cookie now?

  2. Yes, I just added raffle tickets for you in our ledger.

    HOORAY FARMPUNK. Now you might win $1,000 cash.

  3. Is there a code or anything I need to make a reservation?

  4. Terrain looks great got busy with the holiday so thanks for the hotel reminder. I am now reserved and awaiting big money no wammys. Or at least a chance at some random prize. =)

  5. So a question, by having 50% of models on this hill gives a cover save (area terrain) regardless of true line of sight? I'm wondering because it's possible for skimmers, and likely for flyers to have true line of sight to 50% of the models. Down here in Roanoke, we are just now changing from everything is area terrain to most things are terrain (difficult) but rely on TLOS for determining cover saves, at least for most players.

  6. Frost - generally what you stated is accurate, though obviously this is NOT the case for vehicles/monstrous creatures.

    Most if not all boards will still have simple terrain pieces that are not themselves area, but the hills will be "area terrain" in the same sense as ruins, craters, stands of trees, etc.

    We'll re-emphasize this repeatedly, as people play rubbly or piecey hills differently in most locations; we play it this way both to achieve closer to uniform terrain "Feel" on every table, and to help us make sure every table has nice looking terrain to boot.

  7. As a PS - this also is tied to why we have such "steep" grades to the hillsides; it makes it a little more difficult for players to simply "barely touch" models into the hill, and hopefully will make it a little easier than some of those "half on half off" hill situations you sometimes run into.

  8. That sounds good. Forewarned, is for armed so I'll make sure to adjust my list accordingly.

  9. Hills! Hills! and more Hills!
    That's all I see even when I close my eyes!

    At least they will be done soon.

    I think one table should be only hills, lots of hills.