Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Building Terrain - and ... THE BLACK LIBRARY / GAV THORPE

We'll have more on how they'll be involved, BUT The Black Library will be at the NOVA Open 2011, along with advance copies of Gav Thorpe's new book!  Plus, if that wasn't enough, Gav will be there all weekend long hanging out with us.  True to form with the NOVA's style, they'll be involved with us socially as well, from evening hang-outs like the Whiskey Challenge to our planned DC Bar Crawl.

The 2nd 40k preparatory newsletter for the NOVA Open will go out either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

We had a terrain build day on Sunday, this one focused mostly on cutting assembling and sand flocking pink foam hills.

These suckers will all be classified as 4+ cover area terrain, and are pretty effective LOS blockers, built out of variable level assemblies of 2" pink foam.

Beer, good company, barbecue, a pool, and hot wire cutters.  Good times!

Doesn't it look like they're having all kinds of fun?

WIP on a very tiny # of zee hills

Tim Williamson, of the Tau of War, and Heroes of Armageddon project ... and my beautiful Highlander shinin' in the sun behind him ... why did I put it so close to a painting project?  Bullet dodged through luck alone!

I'm incapable of looking non-goofy, so I fully commit to it ... thumbs up and all

Long ways to go on the terrain we're working through; this year one of our terrain/table loaners had to drop out due to personal struggles, so our budget had to "flex" (/sigh) to handle a massive surge in what needs to be self-provided ... we've got it totally covered, and the long-term net benefit is that we will have all of the terrain and tables we need in future years self-provided and ready for yearly refurbishment and upgrade by the time 2011 wraps up.

Sorry for the slow updates, but the NOVA 2011 is a ton of work!


  1. PS - flock, rocks, bits, baubles, paint and polish are what'll make the hills area terrain ... try not to read too much into pieces of carved pink foam ;) ... just sharing a WIP on the tourney building process with the average reader.

  2. I must wonder how much that foam cost...

    Remember, free storage in Australia if you ship it over =D.

  3. Thumbs up to the Internets - Its like the Like you never get in Facebook

  4. At least Dash's orks will blend into the table top.

  5. What's with the Hearse in the background? Have you gone Goth on us? May I recommend this fine automobile instead
    A Bitchin' Bumblebee Camaro. (Apologies to the Dead Milkmen.)

    Hint: buy paint by the gallon. Since the primer color is not relevant so long as it is a light color, any color will do, which means the 'Oops We Goofed' shelf in your local Home Depot or Lowes is a good source of cheap primer. With about 768 sq. ft. of terrain needed...Y'all will need alot of paint. Just don't use gloss or semi-gloss for priming.

  6. I like your hills. Good clear LOS blocking, and nicely stepped for model placement. The 4+, is that just the crest (top) per BRB or includes the flank?

  7. Bah, stupid system eating my post. Anyway, looking forward to seeing Gav Thorpe, whom I wanted to share my thoughts on the CSM codex with, but forgot to at Games Day. Terrain's coming along nicely, too. What happened to last year's stuff?