Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Malifaux Players Packs!!!

Greetings readers and NOVA Open Attendees!!! As promised, we have more news on the NOVA Open Malifaux tournaments and events. Two of the tournament players packs have been uploaded to the NOVA Open site and can be grabbed below in this post.

Through the Breach
First we have Through the Breach. This is is the "Classic Malifaux Tournament", which we expect will have the highest attendence. “Through the Breach” is intended for Malifaux players of all ability and experience levels. This means that players of all skill levels will be facing off with their crews. Please be understanding of this when it comes to playing your game. High levels of sportsmanship are expected from all players.

So what have we done to encourage newer players to participate in this tournament? More importantly, what makes this welcoming for players of all levels? First, we have expanded the time-limits of each round to allow new players to feel un-rushed and enjoy the game. There is 15 minutes at the start of each round allowed for choosing your crew and setting up the game. Players who are ready to play during that 15 minutes can start their games when they are ready. The tournament rounds will each be 85 minutes long. That's right, 1 hour 15 minutes per round to play. This should allow for a steady pace for both players, and give space for all players to make choices during the games. 10 minutes before the end of each round the TO's will announce the end of the round coming. When this announcement is made, players should do everything possible to complete the round they are on and not begin another round.

Lastly, NOVA Open Malifaux judges and Wyrd Miniatures Henchmen will be roaming the tournament tables to answer questions and help out new players. The Henchmen and Judges will not interfere in games, but will be able to provide quick answers should questions arise or players look a bit confused.

Players pack available here.

Midnight Madness
There are some of you out there who know your the best players in your local scene when it comes to Malifaux. Your opponents are constantly asking you to bring "Easier" crews and stop stomping on their throats. Midnight Madness is the event for you. “Malifaux Midnight Madness” is intended as a highly competitive, single elimination Malifaux tournament. This tournament is intended for highly skilled Malifaux players who bring their highest level of tactics, skills, and sportsmanship.

Overall, Midnight Madness is sure to be a joy to watch, as 8 of the best Malifaux players at the NOVA Open 2011 pit themselves against each-other to determine the best of the best. We plan to have larger prizes here, but you should bring your best and play your hardest. We welcome all players, but this is not safe for newbies.

Players pack available here.

All NOVA Open events can be registered for here. The weekend Malifaux pass provides access to all Malifaux events during the weekend. Please also register on the forums and post in the Malifaux section for those who will be attending events. This will help add you to the Malifaux Updates that will begin coming out soon.

More updates will be incoming as the time draws closer. We are working out some final details for "Bad Things Happen" (Our Daily Achievement Event) and "Bayou Five Card" (Our multi-player scrap). Some of you may also have seen the following on the Wyrd forums:
Messages through the Aethervox indicate that there may be a confluence of Wyrd Developers at the NOVA Open 2011. Keep your 'voxes on and stay tuned for updates

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