Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fantasy GT at the NOVA Open 2011

From my post on Dakka ...

FANTASY - 2500 points, no restrictions, 32 player initial offering (expandable to 64); 5 rounds 2 days (3/2), NOVA pairing and styling (overall heavily weighted by soft score, general simply w/l), but with margin of victory (no draws) and battle points for the Overall Component.

GT tickets for Fantasy are $35, in addition to your weekend badge (compare to $65 for the 8 round 40k GT).  TICKETS UP.  Lots of Fantasy interest has been expressed while we've been preparing; please purchase your tickets quickly; we cannot open to 64 unless we get strong filling and waitlisting over 32.

DRAFT PRIMER PACKET for review / input / critique / etc.

Event is put on/staffed and brought to you by members of the Inner Circle Gaming Club, operating primarily out of Maryland. http://www.innercirclegamingclub.com/


  1. Solid primer, ICGC. I look forward to play-testing it. Two points I'm noting straight-away, though:

    1. Round 1 doesn't specify how objectives are placed. If that's in the BRB somewhere, reference it. Otherwise, explain the process.

    2. Round 4, do exactly three units need to have "Liquid Courage", or maximum of three? That could be a game changer for some. Will have to playtest to see.

  2. I'm assuming this is the same days as the 40K one. Shame if so, wouldn't mind trying a fantasy tournament, now that I'm starting to play that some.