Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Final Mission Packet (Draft), NOVA FAQ v3

Please review, playtest, enjoy, and reply with any curiosities or questions or typos!
Note that amendments made for typos/etc. will show up in the guide books for each attendee in appropriate final version.

Mission order will not change.  Final Team Tournament and Invitational Packets are being dusted off.

NOVA Open Final 40k GT Mission Packet



  1. Uh, copy-editing-wise I haven't found any typos, but from a structural view-point the GT mission packet is a mess. Let me know if you'd like me to edit the document, because as a technical writer I'd like to volunteer to edit it for you.

  2. Nurglitch,

    It is safe to say that all help is welcomed. I know that I've practically begged other NOVAns to review/edit some of the stuff which I have written, to no avail. By all means, post concrete suggestions for improvement. And thank you for the offer.


    I think that I've mentioned to you the need for a good editor. Do give Mr. Nurglitch an opportunity.

  3. Nurglitch,

    Do you have gmail? Gchat or mail me

  4. Goal 2
    "Place 4 objectives in every board quarter"
    Damn, that's a lot of objectives. Unless this should read "Place 4 objectives, one in each board quarter"

  5. It's supposed to be one in each quarter, for a total of five.

  6. Still working on a revised document (full comprehensive and copy-edit) thanks to moving, but here's my initial thoughts:

  7. In the masthead of the FAQ:

    "Warhammer 40,00 & Fantasy."

    The future has gotten closer!

    p.s., for some reason Google tells me my account doesn't have permission to view the post page. This is Joe.

  8. Sorry, the mission packet masthead is the one with the numbering issue. The FAQ watermark, however, lists it as the NOVA Open 2010, not 2011.