Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adepticon Team Tournament 2011 - 2 x Teammates Sought

So I've buddied up with Tim Williamson from The Tau of War, who in addition to being a solid gamer and all around awesome dude is a PRETTY ... GOOD ... PAINTER.  This is important, as I am simply "ok" at it. Painting, competitive list building, competitive play, and also a certain approach to sportsmanship all combine in value and importance for the Adepticon Team Tournament, which is Adepticon's premier event.

There's something about the Adepticon Team Tournament that I find fascinating, and that's the combination of hard-ass lists, awesome themes, and also ... dicky people sometimes.  What I mean by that, is that when you have 3 of your good friends near you, and you've spent months painting/theming/displayboarding/practicing/getting ready for this thing and traveled across country for it ... I guess the whole "sportsmanship" thing can go out the window some, and arguments/aggressive attitudes *can* intensify.  As such, if you go, you need to be able to be a "give nothing, take everything" competitor WHILE retaining your cool and being a fun, affable teammate and opponent.

I don't think the same group that I went with last year will be assembled again, we went 6-2 and finished 10th out of 110 teams.  I want to go first this year, no point getting ready for it if you don't!  As such, fielding interest from folks who'd like to join the team ... applies to old teammates and new, even theoretically people who don't know me as well (As those who DO know me will attest to how quickly and readily new friends are welcome to the crew).

The rest is the "recruitment" post Tim put together for the forums of a couple of local clubs.

Mike Brandt and Tim Williamson are looking for team members for the Adepticon Team Tournament. We're looking to win the whole thing and that means having a beautifully painted themed army that wrecks face but plays nice. We're looking for 2 good sports to join our team.

The potential team member must be willing to:
-pay for his own ticket to adepticon.
-pay for his own room and board.
-participate in practice gaming sessions in the months prior to Adepticon.
-contribute to a team effort to assemble and paint 4,000 points and a themed display board.
-fully commit to attending Adepticon come hell or high water, no last minute bailing.

We have a pretty awesome theme for our army but that won't be revealed online. If you're interested in taking part, kicking ass at Adepticon and winning this thing, send me a PM or email me at timandlucka at gmail dot com.