Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Battle for Salvation, NOVA Invitational

The Battle for Salvation is coming up on October 9. It's run by a group of really great guys from NY who came down for the NOVA Open. They are largely emulating the NOVA's format in terms of the style of the event and the details. I'll be doing my best to attend, still working out the details. Any VA people want to carpool and split hotel a little? :)

Having met most or all of these guys when they came down, I have nothing but positive things to say. Though not a Vegas qualifier this year, I'm sure it will be in the future, and should be considered a sister event to the Open.

More importantly, I'll probably give them a weekend badge to next year's Open as a prize to hand out, *AND* will be qualifying 2 finishers of their choice for next year's NOVA Invitational, which is a cash prize tournament happening during the NOVA Open Convention weekend. More information on that to follow, but the prize support for it should be 4 figures with competition from the top finishers at a couple of west coast events, the 5 Tournament Aces and Ren Man from the NOVA Open 2010, 4 top finishers from Adepticon and Wargamescon respectively (selected by their organizers), and a couple of other events eventually. Probably 32 players total (up to 64 is possible, we'll see how many events would like to qualify attendees).

More info on NOVA Invitational to come; Battle for Salvation, however, is in about one month. Sign up :)


  1. I will be and probably some of the Ordo Nova (was Sugarland Gamers) crew will be attending. I have my ticket and will be reserving hotel accommodations this weekend.

  2. Looks like I am going to be able to make this one.


  3. I think I'm going to this. So may be Kevin, Ryan, Mark F ...

  4. Neil and myself will be there doing some 11th Company recording as well...hope to see a bunch of you that attended NOVA

  5. mike ! thanks for the plug. really hope you and guys make it up here cant wait.BBF, Chumby and the big man, HbH awsome you guys are attending.

  6. Thanks Mike, I really appreciate the support. I sent you an email last week, if you cant find it just email me so we can talk about prizes.