Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Blood Angels - Kneejerks

OK, so the BA finally have a codex again, instead of DLC.


First thoughts before I head out for a day in DC?

1) If your marines don't have FNP and Furious Charge, always basically, you're doing something wrong.
2) If you aren't taking advantage of absurdly good dreadnaughts to some degree, especially when it's theoretically possible to be assaulting w/ them out of vehicles, you're possibly doing something wrong.
3) Space Marine vehicles should ALL be "fast" without the capacity to move 18", so while them being fast is awesome across most of their vehicles, it's not that big a deal - it's what they should have had competitively and fluffily in the first place.
4) This entire codex is Matt Ward trying to change the mech metagame himself.

OK, gf's here, I'm out!


  1. 1. I def agree that it is pretty easy to give FNP and FC to most if not all your units. That being said, a clever opponent will be able to get to that Sanguinary Preist and mitigate the issue. Do you need to build your list centered around FNP and FC?... no, not at all.

    2. The dreads are absurdly good, BUT there are a lot of absurdly good choices to compete with the dreads. Either way they are significantly better than C:SM.

    3. Coudn't agree more. To make Dev's competitve options they need to be given relentless/slow and puproseful. That might de-mech the game a little.

    4. Meh. It is certainly possible to make a competitive non-mech BA army. Bravo to those BA that do. However, there are so many options that are mech it will be hard to pull players in another direction. If some one has a thing for land raiders it is possible to take 5 or 6 of them in a 2000 pt list. Its also possible to easily take 6 front armor 13 vehicles in a competitive 2000 pt list.

    All in all its a good codex. It's not a big red "I win" button. There will be those that scream "Over Powered, Cheese, Broken" and there will be plenty of band wagon jumpers. The best part of the codex is that BA players have the ability to build several viable lists and are not forced to play one list in order to be competitive. Oh, that and it's an actual codex.

  2. John - he's not trying to force Blood Angels to NOT be mech; he's trying to put the fear of God in some of the other all-mech armies w/ some of the methods he's utilizing to tweak them.

    Tons of Chimeras become a big question mark when baals and vindies are going to have tons of easy side armor shots on that chimera castle, for example.

  3. After a few games I'm pretty pleased with the new codex. The fast vehicles work very well in hunter packs, and can get at side armor pretty easily if the opponent isn't careful. They also work good as sheepdogs, as a lot of people seem to herd away from them or turtle up to try and protect their sides.