Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adepticon Results - East Coast Represent

Well, Adepticon is over and I'm beat.

Rhett, Mark, Z and I went to try our hand at the team tourney, bfg, 40k, and fantasy team events. We met up with a lot of our MD/VA compatriots there.

In Fantasy, our buddies took first and second in the Size Matters tourney, and then went on to take 2nd (Best Generals) in the Team Tournament today.

In BFG, Mark won it.

In 40k, our team finished 10th out of ~110 overall for the Team Tourney.

Personally, I finished 7th Overall in the 40k team championships. This basically means I went 3-0 with all major victories but didn't have enough combined battlepoints + appearance points to beat the 6 people over me. No big deal really - you play 3 out of 240 people, there's not much to brag about, or be mad about, no matter where you finish ;)

I suppose I'm happy that I won 3 games by sound margins, and finished in the top 10 of a major GT, the first one I've ever personally played in.

Full coverage coming soon!

- Mike


  1. PS - Adepticon was a well-run, excellent event. Their scenarios are all pretty bad or average in my opinion ... I need to go get a Masters in Scenariology.

    This criticism coming from someone who didn't lose.

  2. Glad to hear you had a good time.

    Looking forward to the followup reports.

  3. What Chumby said. I do wish he'd stop ninja'ing my brain so.

  4. Regale us with tales of blood and conquest!

    I know, I'm echoing the others, but I'd like to think I did it with panache. ;)

  5. Nice job Mike. I'm glad you and your crew all did really well. Shows you there is a really good group of guys playing out of the DC Metro area.


  6. It was great meeting you! The NOVA Open sounds like it's going to be a great event!

  7. The pleasure was mutual, brief as our chat was. Any chance I might persuade some of ya'll to make your way out? Good times are promised!