Thursday, March 11, 2010

NOVA Open Registration is ... um ... Open!

The NOVA Open, my Indy Circuit Qualifying GT on August 14, 2010, is now open for registration.

The website has marginal info on it but that will improve with time.

For 40k trolls most especially, you want to sign up sooner than later - 40k spots are filling much more rapidly than I anticipated.

For people who aren't local to here, if you're trying to come up with a great vacation idea (har), consider DC in August ... it's a little on the hot and humid side, but it's a good time, and this local is happy to show out of towners a good time. For the GW freak in you all, the 8/14 NOVA Open brackets one side of a week vacation while Games Day Baltimore brackets the other side.

So, that's right, you can in theory spend a week in DC, get shown the ropes by an area native, *and* attend both a Vegas Qualifier and Games Day while you're at it.

In any event, Fantasy and 40k registration is now open via the above link - sign up!


  1. Mike,

    I just put a plug up on the Gamers Lounge podcast site. We should look at getting you onto the cast for an interview at some point.

  2. I haven't been to DC in a while...

    Sounds like fun

  3. Random question:
    MVB, hows your malifaux experience going so far? I was thinking of taking the plunge and picking up the book and either rasputina or the vicktorias box set. I will like to heat your opinion on the game and its factions. Thanks.

  4. I'll post up something about them today, how about.

  5. Cool, I'm looking forward to your malifaux article. Viva la Ynquistion!