Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adepticon in 1 Week

Well, in less than a week I'll be with my teammates in Chicago for Adepticon.

It should be fun, but is there anyone out there who really sees this as a fair, appropriate, competitive tournament? I know I don't.

People consider the Gladiator, for instance, to be a hardcore super competitive event. When on Earth is a D-weapon/Titan-legal 40k event ... competitive? At all?


- Mike

Off to St. Patty's and friend's bday celebrations


  1. Agreed. It's ludicrous...but the people who label it competitive are the people who do well in/out of the event, and their friends, so...

  2. Guy with the biggest wallet wins? I guess it's a different kinda of competition...

    Take pics if you can, I'd like to see what the madness is all about from somebody who hasn't had any kool-aid.