Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tyranid and Blood Angel FAQs Up

More on this later ...


So on the cool front, I only had one of these "wrong" in my own FAQ (went off precedent and had Furious Charge granted to BA units if they were within range of SHP when they charged).

In terms of implications / thoughts for things of relevance ...

1) Doom of Malantai does not affect units embarked in vehicles; neither does Shadow in the Warp, or various other things that Tyranid do with pulses and unclear definitions of what those pulses are. This should have been a duh from the beginning, I still can't believe INAT ruled that it did, then gave the guys inside cover saves, etc.

2) Mawloc can deep strike bomb units on purpose. This was one of those RAI (and arguably RAW) ones that everyone should have seen coming.

3) Synapse clarified when relevant to reserves/etc.

Those have really some of the biggest implications, I think ... just in terms of resolving questions. It doesn't much impact me - it's how I've always played them. *shrug*

Blood Angels ...

1) The Vindicator uses the large blast ... surprise surprise (/facepalm that it was an actual issue)

2) The units that reference using dedicated transports on page 90 can use the ones on 91 as well (so tac squads and assault squads can buy land raiders) ... again surprise surprise / /facepalm

3) Sanguinary High Priest auras are in effect when called upon strictly ... so, if you are 6" from one, and charge away from 6" ... you don't get furious charge when you actually swing

There are plenty of other ones worth reading, like the Dead Man's Hand not being a 2nd CCW, whatever.

I think this should say something about writing FAQs / arguing RAW ... think hard about how GW will actually rule it / what they intended, b/c that's how it's going to fall. If you get so wrapped up in RAW in the process, you'll end up playing it WRONG for a long time, and be all pissed off when they (surprise surprise) amend the rules to be what they clearly wanted them to be.


  1. All good clarifications and in a relatively timely manner. Pity my Drop nids took it in the shorts.

  2. Quick thoughts on nids.

    1: Good job covering everything, i can't think of any major questions that weren't covered.

    2: On the whole, i agree with most of the rulings.

    3: However, the faq was a big middle finger to drop armies. Hive commander doesn't stack and only allows one unit to outflank is bad enough, but the fact that Pods aren't immobile means they can be easily killed with tank shocks. Add in strange rulings like the inability to drop empty pods or attach IC's to units in pods, and things are looking down for drop armies. Admittedly, BA already stole nids thunder as the drop army from hell, but it sucks for people who invested in DS nids and have now felt the the foam padded smack of the nerfbat.

    Ah well, GW will reap what they've sown if they ever release a plastic tyrant or drop pod model.

  3. Not a whole lot that was unexpected. The only thing that will really affect other armies is the way the bubble works for Tyranids.

    So I'm guessing that now if you charge out of Strakens bubble you no longer get FC?