Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy - 8th Edition Stuff

So there are tons of rumors out there regarding Fantasy 8th edition ...

Someone got a copy of the smaller book equivalent from the new boxed set, and will answer any questions posed to her without actually showing the book.

What I was able to figure out from my limited knowledge of Fantasy in 20 minutes was ...

Movement is still basically the same, so the rumors about it not costing anything to wheel, and just moving closest model, are apparently not really accurate.

March blocking is still in, but you can ignore it if you pass a LD test.

Charges are 2d6 + unit movement, 3d6 dropping the lowest + unit movement for anything with move 7 (or 8 maybe iirc) or higher.

Everything fights in 2 ranks, spears fight in 3 ranks, high elves w/ spears fight in 4 ranks, monstrous units with 6 or more wide ranks gain the "horde" rule and can fight in +1 rank (so 3 instead of 2, for example), and non-monstrous units with 10 wide ranks also gain the "horde" rule and can fight in +1 rank.

So 10-wide high elf spearmen would fight up to 5 ranks (don't know if that's even possible, in terms of unit size, but there you have it).

If you have more ranks than your opponent and lose combat, you are "stubborn."

All measuring is pre-measured in the game, period.

Magic is 2d6, with the highest of the 2 dice being your opponent's dispel pool. You then roll a d6 for every caster in your army (as does the dispel pool/defending player), and every roll of a 6 adds one power dice to the power or dispel pools. So, for example, player rolls a 4 and a 3, he gains 7 power dice and opponent gains 4 dispel dice. He has 4 casters, opponent has 4 casters. He rolls 4 dice, 0 6's. Opponent rolls 4 6's for his 4 casters (yahtzee!), adding 4 to his dispel pool. Final pool is 7 power dice for caster, 8 dispel dice for defender.

You can use your dice for any caster, no more caster specific dice. You add the caster's power level to the cast, and can toss whatever number of dice you wish. If you roll 2 x 6's, the spell is both a miscast and irresistable. Miscasts are mega bad now too ... so basically you take a risk of rolling more dice to get a spell off, or losing your caster period while getting the spell off irresistably.

Additionally, there's no more snake eyes miscast. If a caster fails to get a spell off, however (not counting dispels), he can cast no more spells that turn (that specific model).

I think I learned a lot more but that's what I recall ... happy to bring questions to the person.

- Mike

PS - The NOVA Open's fantasy spots are still pretty wide open ... if you sign up before the 8th preview copy hits the shelves, you can actually get a full refund should your army be incapable of fielding or should you hate the rules. Either way, you should sign up! We've relaxed the painting and wysiwyg requirements to help you get ready in time, and most people won't have mastered the edition yet - beat them to the punch and get a vegas ticket while you're at it at the country's first qualifying 8th edition tournament.


  1. I'm considering returning to Fantasy when the new edition hits. I think I'm waiting to see what it does to Lizardmen and Wood Elves, my two favorite armies, so I can then decide which one to play.

  2. Are there still "slots" for Characters, Specials, and Rare, or is it just percentages?

    I can forsee Skaven doing very well in this next edition. Bell + 50 Spear Rats or Furnace and Monks with plenty of shooty and Warlock Engineers.

  3. yeah, what's the deal with army selection - how are the percentages going to work?

  4. No slots of any kind whatsoever remain.

    You can't have more than 3 of the same special unit, or 2 of the same rare unit.

    25% MINIMUM of Core
    25% MAXIMUM of Lord, Hero, Rare
    50% MAXIMUM of Special

  5. so, is it 25% Lord, 25% Hero and 25% Rare, or just a blanket 25% for all 3?

    Fucking level 1 Warlock Engineers. All day. 500 points of those fuckers FTW.

  6. Is there any exceptions for current units that allow you to take 1-2 as 1?

    I am wondering how many bolt chukkas and rock lobbers I need for my night goblins. :)