Sunday, June 27, 2010

DH/WH Allies Still Legal

“I would like to clear up some questions regarding the PDF downloads of Codex: Daemonhunters and Codex: Witch Hunters that we recently made available on

These downloads do not replace or invalidate the printed codex books that customers may own; we are making the rules to field an army of Daemonhunters or Witch Hunters available, for free, to registered members of the Games Workshop website who do not already own copies of these books. We are not taking anything away from any customers, we are offering something to them. For free.

We have also removed the rules for Allied Space Marines and Inducted Imperial Guard from the PDF downloads. Again, if customers with the printed codex books wish to continue to use these rules from the books they have bought, they can do so. Customers who have the downloadable PDF will be able to use it to build dedicated Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters armies. Customers should use whatever resources are available to them for building armies and playing games, whether those are printed books or PDF downloads.”

That was sent my way by the guy who runs the Indy GT circuit; he sent it to *EVERY* tournament organizer.


  1. Confused poster says: "I'm confused"

    Can they not give us a straight answer even on this? My army is only legal if I have the *book* on me? Daemonhunters have two sets of rules depending on when you entered the hobby?

    Why did they remove the rules if the rules are still legal?!

  2. By all appearances, it was an error. The rules for allies were left in the other languages posted for different sites.

    Either way, the answer is straight ... namely, if you have the printed dex, it's fully legal (which is exactly how they say it by any other dex).

  3. How did you glean that Mike? He clearly says they removed the rules not that they accidentally omitted them. Doesn't sound like an error.

    Moreover he goes on to say that only customers with the *book* can still use the ally rules. Everyone else can piss off and lose with their "dedicated Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters armies".

    Oh you just got into the hobby and wanted a DH/IG army? Sorry we don't sell that book anymore. But don't worry! The DH codex is just around the corner - we just can't tell you when you'll get it exactly. Please buy some of our current stock.

    As for why they left the other languages intact, well there's your error for you. Non-english speakers weren't worth effort. It's just GW doing the minimum yet again.

  4. Atrotos, it's a little bit over the top on the anger front. Yes, it's pretty shoddy, I think we can all agree, but the quote from those folks resolves it for everyone ... tourney players are going to have their codex, because by rule they must, and any casual player that forces his buddy to play w/out them in a casual game is ... well, hardly casual at all.

    There are a million typographical and ruling errors in GW's games ... this is not one of their biggest at all.

  5. You're right, sometimes the nerd rage is too much for me.

    Let's just be thankful allies are still in.

  6. Well, YOU can be thankful. Anyone who might have otherwise tried a "descent of angels" army, on the other hand...prolly not so much. That ruling gives a lot of anti-deep strike potency for a very small investment.

  7. Nothing new, Joe - that's how it's been. It was only different for approximately 3 days.

    So, unless you went out and bought a descent of angels army between Thursday and Sunday of this past week, you knew (or shoulda known) about top grade imperial armies spending 47 points on mystics/tarot.

  8. All you have to do is deploy the JP guys or DS outside the Mystic's likely radius...the fact that Battlecannons are so readily available should truly be more of a deterrent to putting 10 T4 3+ guys in a circle than a random bubble of 'Oops, I shot you in your turn LOLXXORZ'