Monday, June 14, 2010

And then there were ... 96?

Alright, sorry for the slow postery ... busy week(s) in the life.

So, update on the Open.

We sold out I think Saturday. We've already got a dozen people waitlisted. If we get 20 more people waitlisted, up to 32, we'll open the tournament to 96 slots.

How does that work with my system? Well, here's how ...

96 pares down to 6 x 4-0 at the end of day 1. You add a 7th round on day 2. Yeah, 7th. 8 AM, #3 plays #6, #4 plays #5 ... think NFL wild card. Winners play #'s 1 and 2 from Day 1. Winners of that round play for the title.

It's a bye ... semi-lackluster in notion, but still functionally "good."

Suppose I open it up and we sell 32 spots and then 32 MORE people wait list? Well, then we go 128 40k ... and it's the biggest freakin' single heat 40k tournament around, I guess. No byes on day 2, still 7 rounds. There's no way in hell I can go higher than that, and I don't see us finding 64 more players, but I wouldn't be surprised you know.

SO, you the player who didn't get in but really wants to? Go to our website, and use the Friday Night Donations tab to "donate" anywhere from $0.00 ---> Infinity dollars to our cause. Yeah, you can change the value to 0 dollars. All that does is put you on our wait list. If I get 32 people, I'll open up 32 more slots.

I've also asked GW for 2 more vegas quals in the 40k event. We'll see what they say/do.

- Mike


  1. Cool beans. This is going to be one hell of an event, I'm glad I got my spot.

  2. If Fantasy doesn't fill out, we could always take their space, hehe.

  3. Well, that's precisely what will happen if 32 people get on the 40k wait list. Fantasy will drop to a 32 person event.

  4. yeah I was going to ask if you had enough boards for that many people. I know you have the space

  5. Do you have any plans for if anyone doesn't show up? Do you have "ringers" ready???