Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inquisition Codices Up on GW Site

Links to Codex Demonhunters, and Codex Witch Hunters, now available as PDF files on the GW website. The ability of Demonhunters to ally with anyone is completely removed, and with it the availability of the Emperor's Tarot and Mystics to armies such as space wolves and guard.

Witch Hunters can still take Imperial Guard or Space Marines as allies, but cannot be allied to them.

This is important for a couple of reasons. 1) Lots of people will argue (because it's the internet) about how GW simply made a stupid mistake and they want to use their now-out-of-print codices with allies. 2) Apart from those people, game balance shifts in a pretty material way, as a lot of guard armies out there were heavily reliant on tarot/mystics to provide DS defense and help ensure alpha strike.

Thoughts? I think some people for some reason thought they were getting "new" codices ... but they did everything except scream what they were doing in your ear every night while you slept. Same old dexes, same old points discrepancies with newer kit in newer dexes, but no more allying up a 47 point inquisitor that gives you primo deep strike defense and a significant % chance more frequency of going first.

- Mike


  1. this makes me think the DH codex might just well be close.
    taking induction away from them REALLY hampers them. sure, they can ally in some Sisters, but it's still not the same as some IG long range guns backing them up.

    WH might still be a ways off, since it saw even less changes than the DH book.
    I'm not surprised by allies going away entirely. I AM surprised DH lost induction.

  2. Ok so GW finally decides to update a codex over the internet in response to the changing meta-game. No matter what that can only be a step in the right direction.

    Does it invalidate my entire army? Just about. Thanks.

    Couldn't just take two days to come up with a balanced set of allies rules eh? That would actually take *effort*.

    I don't think this means anything in terms of when the new books are coming out. GW might consider 1 or 2 years from now "soon" but I don't because that's 1 or 2 years playing an army I'm not interested in or is "unofficial".

  3. Wow, that's a first for GW. Maybe we'll see actual errata and updates some day.

    To me, this is GW addressing issues with the allies and new Codices as well as setting up DH players for a new Codex. Hopefully it'll be out within the year so they don't get stuck with a shitty book.

  4. I'm kind of bummed by the no allies part. My guard army is fluffy and sniper rifle heavy. No longer can I have my ace Vindicare assassin in the ranks. Oh well adapt and overcome.

  5. I am curious how this will effect the current Tourney circuit, and 'Ard Boys... Normally it is a one month period before new rules and a new Codex takes effect, will this apply?

  6. Ranger Rob, I don't think anyone will mind at a friendly level you using that kind of an ally. If you aren't playing in the major tournament circuit, nothing should change for you for now, or so I personally believe.

  7. Thanks - this is good to know (especially since, before replying before I checked the FAQ/Errata Documents, and could not find these) - but you haven't made them links, merely addresses. :)

  8. A little of-topic, but since fantasy has been a bit more of a topic of interest with the NOVA OPEN coming up I though I'd link this:

    It's a blog post about a 40k player thinking of taking the fantasy plunge. It shows his bemused and somewhat uncomprehending first take of the people that play fantasy.

  9. In interesting news, it's entirely possible GW made a stupid mistake on this one.

  10. @Mike Brandt,

    Please explain, the stupid mistake on the updated codex or the new 8th edition WHFB?

  11. Updated dex. The allies are "in" in other languages. Waiting on feedback from overall GT coordinator.

  12. GW, as always has posted another substandard product. This is a company that is too lazy to even bother with Spell Check. It pumps out an OP escalation of armies to sell products, introduce few if any new models and even eliminates good old favorites (who else here is pissed about the loss of tyranic war vets?) I want new models with each book, i dont' want to loose old one and I dont like the 7+ year lag on book updates (chimera's for inq's are 2x the cost to an imps). Honestly GW you get a D for effort.