Saturday, July 3, 2010

NOVA FAQ - Beta / v1

Alright, the unpolished version of the NOVA Open's 40k FAQ is finished.

A couple of things you need to know before reading ...

1) It will be formatted / made pretty in time ... so try to withhold major formatting/appearance critique and comment (it's welcome, just ... I am probably already doing it). The reason for releasing it now, with no real formatting complete, is to ensure players the most lead time in answering additional questions / disputes they have with the FAQ

2) You'll notice the page count is significantly smaller than, say, the INAT FAQ ... this is on purpose; numerous minor questions that are either answered in the codices/rulebooks (but simply are not well read by lazy gamers) are not addressed

3) If you think a question should be answered that isn't, EMAIL ME; at the least, I will put *all* questions asked me by anyone into an Appendix, and major ones that we've MISSED (b/c I'm sure I've missed at least a couple on the first go) will be addressed

4) I recognize that the lack of attractive formatting at present will make it a little more tedious to read - bear with us

5) Do not do something silly like go through INAT and ask me every question from there that we didn't answer



  1. Question about the bases. Say I have My IC's like Dante, Librarian, etc, mounted on a 40mm base,(they come with 25mm, Will they not be acceptable? Or the Vanguard who are also mounted on 40mm because they topple over on the 25mm?

  2. Models must be played on the bases provided with them.

    You might want to revise that. Say I show up with metal terminators. They came with 25mm bases....

    Further, say my ork bikes have no bases. Never came with any. I've got them on the ablong round bases.

    Further, small flying(and large flying) bases tend to break. More then a few have solved it in various ways.

  3. If your terminators came with small bases when you bought them you use the small bases, if large then large.

    You use the base the model came with.

    As for the flying bases just dont break your stuff?

  4. Mike,
    Got 1 question and 2 issues
    Q: For the Baal using its scout move and popping smoke: you're saying that if it pops smoke after it's scout move, it can't shoot if its controlling player's turn is immediately after the scout move (he goes first), but it still gets its cover save in the opponent's turn. If the opponent gets first turn, the Baal has a cover save for that player tuen, but it can shoot in it's first turn (bottom of the first). did I interpret this correctly?

    I1: What's the deal with the bases? There are a lot of sticky situations you can get into with that. I understand that you're trying to keep everything in line with what GW supplies, but I think you should be flexible on this one. too many people have their models on different size bases. I would say that people can use different bases than what the set comes with, but it's up to you as the TO to decide if it's over the top. Like if an entire army is on the wrong size bases, that's a bit much. but a few characters or wobbly models should be tolerated. and those flying bases suck. I put my tau skimmers on 60mm bases. would that mean i can't use them? Or just have everyone check with you before hand if they have ANY models on non-GW supplied bases.

    I2: Furious Charge bubbles. Now i haven't read the IG codex to know how Straken's FC bubble is worded, but why would his be differnt than the sanguinary priest's? you've taken rulings from one army FAQ and applied it to another army, so why not for FC?

  5. Mike 2 questions... do all dark angel bikes and attack bikes count as scoring ? for example if my opponent has 9 squads of bikes would all 9 score ? it appears that they would as per the codex.

    also do combi weapon additions need to be reprsented on every vehical as per wysiwyg ? example a combiflamer on a rhino

  6. Do double Wolf Claws allow reroll to hit AND reroll to wound?