Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to Postin' ... a Quick First

The final missions for the NOVA Open are "done." I should be able to post the packet up for all to see, or at least e-mail it to the attendees (probably both, yeah yeah yeah), by this Friday. No promises, and there's none due there - I don't want people to necessarily playtest them into the ground and gain an advantage, so much as have them transparently out there.

There will be THREE, just like the primer. "BUT WHAT," you exclaim, "THERE'S UP TO SEVEN ROUNDS IN THE ACTUAL OPEN?!?!?" Well, therein lies the rub. We'll be rolling a giant dice (if I can find one, if not it'll be ... you know, not giant) prior to the 4th round, and based upon the result the final round will REPEAT one of the first three missions. Why? Well, to keep you guessing for one, and b/c we like the way our current mission set works in a balance sense and after a lot of stress testing and improvement. Why try to add silly wrinkles that only run a risk of deflating the fairness of the event by being untested and untried?

Finals rounds 1 and 2 will use the remaining 2 missions "over again," and the VERY final round will ... again ... use one of the 3 randomly.

With that, I'm off to work, write up a more meaningful and interesting blog post for the non-tourney-going readership, and you know, keep working on this silly tourney.

PS - If you're in the area and not actually playing in the Open, we're still looking for staff, terrain/table loans, etc. Let me know!


  1. thanks for the work Mike!

    I'll be sending you an e-mail probably either next week for your tourney setup info.

    we're banging around and rounding up stuff to to the INDY Open next year.

    I like the rolling for random missions. heck you could do it for each round, and really keep people guessing.

  2. I have a giant die, about 8 inches on a side. I't pretty durn big.

  3. Sounds good, I look forward to seeing the finished product.