Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Updated 40K Narrative Supplements in Total

For any that aren't aware, there's this awesome 40K event at NOVA called the DC Narrative. This year's working title is "Descension," as it covers a very dark moment in the changing cultural facade of both Humanity and the Virtue.

After some updating, and the addition of Orks and Astra Militarum, here are the updated Codex Supplements. Pulled directly from the final Narrative primer (being finalized): (CLICK TO CONTINUE)

Warhammer 40,000 is a constantly changing game. As a result of the diversity between codices, there are often many builds and army styles we’d like to run but cannot due to the current state of the oft-mentioned “meta.”
In the indie-background-universe spirit of the NOVA Open Narrative event, the Narrative team invested time in building a series of simple Codex Supplements meant to give attendees the option to play Narrative-themed versions of their 40K army of choice while also gaining the opportunity to explore and play around with builds they might otherwise be unable to.
These rules have been playtested and thought-processed through a fairly wide community of critics following their origination within the Narrative team. The Narrative isn’t all about building the most broken or powerful lists, but we believe the more even the playing field for a wide variety of army types, the easier it is to focus on having fun rolling dice against your peers.

First and most importantly – every Supplement is optional. You do not need to use it when building your army list for the Narrative event. IF you choose to, however, it supplants your current Codex in all listed ways. This may result in some more traditionally powerful builds for armies such as Tau or Daemons to no longer be playable, and is done explicitly to prevent people from taking the “best of both worlds.” We did not buff certain units simply to allow you to further stack the deck with the print-copy “best of” units.
Once you’ve chosen to use a Supplement for your Codex, you automatically use the “Both Factions” rules for that Supplement. Then, you also activate the Faction rules as appropriate for the Human or Virtue faction you selected during registration (or after by e-mailing the NOVA if you forgot).
Only your Primary Detachment may use a NOVA Open Narrative Supplemental Codex.

These supplements provide a fluff and gameplay connection between extant 40K Codices and the Narrative Story of Humanity’s fight against the Virtue. They also provide interesting rebalance to the range of Codices in the game.

The Aspect of Implacability represents Virtue who are unwilling to acknowledge what befell the Conquest Fleet during the events of the NOVA Open Narrative 2013: Cataclysm. They remain firmly convinced of the evil of Humanity, the righteousness of the Virtue way of life, and the need to complete their mission no matter the cost.
The Aspect of Piracy represents Virtue who adopted realistic and sometimes nihilistic acceptance of what befell the Conquest Fleet during the events of the NOVA Open 2013: Cataclysm. It might be said they’ve taken on an “every superhuman alien immortal for himself” outlook. They’re more than happy to sell their services to the highest bidder or trade on the black market even with human beings. These Virtue forces are disillusioned with their race’s moral code – they cannot ignore the import of the events of the past century like their Implacable kin. Nevertheless, like most Virtue, they’re generally afraid to leave the Solar System and take word of the Conquest Fleet’s failure to the Virtue homeworld or other alien civilizations. For now, their primary focus is staying alive whatever the cost.
The Aspect of Insanity represents Virtue so horrifically scarred by the events of the Cataclysm that they’ve taken an utter break with reality. Their psyches did not survive, whether because exposure to extinction-level environmental effects on Earth, or because they could not cope with the meaning of their failure and the possibility the Virtue race committed a wrong. Formed into roving bands in space and especially scattered across the wastelands of Earth, these Virtue represent the utter antithesis of the proud and morally upright people they once were. Murderous and utterly insane, they are some of the most terrifying creatures in the Solar System.

The Aspect of Experience represents the hardened veterans of Earth. Some precious few even represent genetically-enhanced survivors of both Virtue Wars. While many have seen all they love destroyed, they’ve kept their cool and endured the near-extinction of their race while playing a pivotal role in its salvation. These humans often form the core of UN battlegroups, and are often most familiar with how to engage the various forces fielded by the Virtue.
The Aspect of the Van represents the UN’s reconnaissance and fast strike arm. The average age of a soldier in the Van is substantially younger than any other UN branch, populated by those who were too young to play an active role in the Cataclysm. Eager to prove their worth to the grizzled veterans who survived the last war, they exemplify the boundless energy and reckless abandon required for venturing far afield to identify and engage pockets of Virtue resistance throughout the Solar System.
The Aspect of Retribution represents those armed members of the UN whose motives for fighting long ago lost the luster of humanity’s salvation or performing one’s duty. To survive the near-extinction of your race and destruction of your homeworld is an emotionally devastating experience – no human carries the memory of the Cataclysm without experiencing a deep mixture of loss, horror and rage. Yet as UN forces rebuilt and prepared for the future, many soldiers slowly began succumbing to the latter emotion far more than any other. Scarred by the loss of billions, this Aspect of Humanity represents those soldiers and forces who have completely succumbed to a burning desire for bloody revenge at any cost.

Acts of Faith may be used once/turn instead of once/game.
Martyrdom: Replace the “Martyrdom” army rule text with the following: If a model with the Character or Independent Character and Acts of Faith special rules is killed, any unit it is attached to at the time of its removal gains the Fearless USR for the remainder of the game.
St. Celestine: After she resurrects, roll a die; on a 4+ she loses that Act of Faith for the remainder of the game.
Celestian, Dominion, Battle Sister, Seraphim and Retributor squads taken at maximum squad size may select Ranged Weapon upgrades at no points cost.
Exorcists: Weapon Destroyed results are treated as Crew Shaken instead. Exorcists may re-roll the dice to determine its # of shots once per game.
Sisters Repentia: May Assault the turn they disembark from a transport. If they do so, they are treated as assaulting through Difficult and Dangerous Terrain.
Penitent Engine: May never be destroyed as a result of a glancing hit. Effectively this means Penitent Engines cannot suffer Glancing Hits once reduced to 1 Hull Point.

Control From the Skies: All units without the Independent Character USR equipped with Jump Packs are considered Scoring. This only applies to Death Company within Section 5.2.3 below. All other units without the IC USR equipped with Jump Packs are considered Objective Secured.
All Scoring units with a model within 3" of an Objective gain the Feel No Pain (5+) USR. If the unit already has Feel No Pain, improve it by +1.
All Blood Angels vehicles gain the It Will Not Die USR
All Blood Angels vehicles ignore the effects of Stunned and Shaken
All Blood Angels vehicles are reduced to BS3
Any Blood Angels vehicle may elect to fire its weapons twice in a turn; these shots must be made at the same time and at the same target as the first firing; if this is done, ALL weapons must be fired twice; further, every shot (the first and second volley) gains the "Gets Hot!" USR (declare before firing any weapons with the unit, and you may not cleverly avoid firing certain weapons to try and minimize Gets Hot! results)
Death Company lose the 0-1 Limit.
Death Company Dreadnoughts do not take up a Force Organization Slot.
All Death Company (excepting Dreadnoughts) become Scoring and Denial, so long as NO other Blood Angels Tactical Marines, Assault Marines, Scouts, Vanguard Veterans or Sanguinary Guard are included in the army.
Activating the Rage: At any point in the game, any Death Company or Death Company Dreadnought unit may activate the deepest depths of the Black Rage. The unit immediately gains a 4+ Invulnerable Save and the Rending USR. When the game ends, before victory conditions are determined, remove any model activated in this way from the game as if it was destroyed.

Fateweaver’s re-roll may only be used for rolls to hit, to wound and saving throws
The Grimoire of True Names may never improve a unit’s invulnerable save beyond a 3+
Khorne: If your army (including Allies) is comprised entirely of Daemons of Khorne, all models gain Assault Grenades and Feel No Pain (5+) against shooting attacks.
Slaanesh: If your army (including Allies) is comprised entirely of Daemons of Slaanesh, all models gain Assault Grenades, and the Shred special rule.
Tzeentch: If your army (including Allies) is comprised entirely of Daemons of Tzeentch, all psychic tests are passed automatically. You must roll the test regardless – Perils still applies.
Nurgle: If your army (including Allies) is comprised entirely of Daemons of Nurgle, all models gain Fleet and the ability to Run regardless of the Slow and Purposeful USR.

Except for Cultists, no model chosen from Codex: Chaos Space Marines may be run down in combat via Sweeping Advance. If they fail to disengage after breaking from combat due to Sweeping Advance, they remain locked in combat, but with -1 to their WS and Initiative until the end of the following Assault Phase. Though not as Fearless as the Emperor’s Finest, they do not recklessly throw away their superhuman lives!
Troops choices may select Icons and Marks for free (including units not normally Troops)
The Chaos player may modify his Psychic Power, Warlord and Initiative Stealing rolls by +/- 1
All Chaos Space Marine units gain the Hatred USR if they do not already possess it
All Chaos Space Marine units gain the Rage USR if they do not already possess it

All Dark Angel Infantry or Jump Infantry models in Power Armor gain the Relentless USR
Any Dark Angel model that does not move in the Movement Phase gains Twin-Linked on all of its ranged weapons until the start of its next Movement Phase
Blacksword Missiles are resolved at S8 against enemy models with the Skimmer, Flyer and Flying Monstrous Creature special rules
All Models on Space Marine Bikes without the Independent Character special rule are Objective Secured
All Models on Space Marine Bikes may re-roll the dice to determine arrival from Reserves, and gain the Acute Senses special rule
All Terminator Armored Models without the Independent Character special rule are Objective Secured
All Deathwing Terminator, Knight and Land Raider Models may select any options from their Unit Entries at no points cost

Eldar are Allies of Convenience instead of Battle Brothers
Troops in a Dark Eldar Army have the Scout USR
All Dark Eldar Vehicles may move an additional 6”, while counting as moving 6” less than their final movement
Dark Eldar units arriving via webway portal may assault the turn they arrive (with the exception of Beast Packs)
Any unit able to select a Raider Dedicated Transport may do so for only 25 Points; Raiders selected at this cost may not select ANY Options (including Free Options / Weapon Swaps)
While within 6 inches of a Dedicated Transport, DE models gain the Hit & Run USR

Fortune: The unit gains d3 re-rolled saves; these persist and stack with subsequent rolls
Serpents: Reduced to 80 Points; Serpent Shields become an Optional Upgrade for +50 points
Serpent Shield: Successful rolls with the Serpent Shield against Penetrating Hits reduce them to Crew Shaken results instead of Glancing Hits.
All Eldar gain 3 inches of Movement (add this after determining how far they can move in the case of situations such as Difficult Terrain rolls); furthermore, they run an additional 1 inch.
Allies: Tau and Dark Eldar are treated as Allies of Convenience.
All Wraith Constructs gain the Jetpack unit type; Wraith Knights remain as Jump
The Hemlock gains Holo Fields and AV12, and costs 120 points base
Dire Avengers gain “0-2” in terms of the # of units that may be selected
All non-Wraith units gain Hit and Run
All non-Wraith units gain Haywire Grenades
The Crimson Hunter gains a 3+ Evade/Jink save and costs 120 points base

Jokearo may select their abilities instead of determining them randomly (with the exception of the “roll again” power)
Precision Deep Strike: Units entirely comprised of models with the ability to Deep Strike may do so without scattering once/game (whether this be when arriving from reserves, or in some fashion redeploying via deep strike during the game ... i.e., Gate (Sanctic), Summoning, etc.)
No Grey Knights in Power Armor, Artificer Armor, Terminator Armor or Dreadknight Suits may be taken
Inquisitorial Henchman units may be selected as Troops
Ordo Assassinorium Assassins gain the Independent Character USR
Inquisitors: No Inquisitors of any kind (including Named Characters) may be selected
Aegis: Units with the “Aegis” may, once per game, cast a Warp Charge 1 Blessing on themselves that manifests the Aegis more completely, giving the unit a 3+ Invulnerable Save for the duration of the blessing.
Psykers: All non-Rhino/Razorback Psykers of any kind (including GK Units with the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule) gain access to the same powers enabled for GK Librarians and Inquisitors (Divination, Telekinesis, Pyromancy, Sanctic Daemonology), and may select their powers (1 per Mastery Level) instead of rolling for them randomly. Precognition may NOT be selected. If a unit wishes to pick powers, they lose their default powers.

Infantry Platoons may not be taken.
Rough-riders become Bikes and trade their Hunting Lances for Eldar Laser Lances
All non-flyer units gain the Outflank USR.
Veteran Squads may use their ranged weapon as a 2-handed weapon in close combat, but only hit on 5+ when doing so.
Ogryns (True Virtue) become Beasts and have the following statline

Leman Russes gain the Heavy Vehicle special rule and ignore the Ordnance rule for determining how many weapons they can fire at full ballistic skill.

Design note: Ogryns have been selected as this year's representative of a Virtue in how we think they'd be on the tabletop

Monoliths are immune to the effects of the Lance, Melta, and Armorbane special rules.
Warrior Phalanx: If at any point a squad of Warriors numbers 11-15 models, their armor save is a 3+ instead of a 4+. If at any point a squad of Warriors numbers 16-20 models, their armor save is a 2+ instead of a 4+. Due to casualties, reanimation protocols and the like, this may result in the armor save for a unit of warriors changing multiple times during a game.
Immortal Phalanx: If at any point a squad of Immortals numbers 6-10 models, their armor save is a 2+ instead of a 3+. Due to casualties, reanimation protocols and the like, this may result in the armor save for a unit of Immortals changing multiple times during a game.
For both units, their save does not change until a wound pool has been fully saved against.
A Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor may never inflict more than 4 hits to its primary target in a single shooting phase.
Necron Scythe Airframes (Night Scythes and Doom Scythes combined) gain the 0-3 restriction.
Flayed Assault: Necron Flayed Ones arriving via Deep Strike do not mishap as a result of scattering on top of models or impassable terrain. Reduce their scatter until they can be placed. Further, enemy units may only Snap Fire at Necron Flayed Ones until the following Necron turn.
Necron Tomb Blades gain the Outflank special rule and may select one of their available upgrade options for free.
Lychguard and Praetorians – Both units may equip their models with mixed weapon loadouts (change the wording from “all models may replace” to “any model may replace”).
Lychguard and Praetorians – Both units gain the Everliving special rule, and pass their resurrection rolls on a 4+.
Praetorians gain a 5+ invulnerable save

Ork Boyz default 6+ armor save becomes invulnerable.
The army may not include vehicles, skimmers, flyers, or Lords of War.
All Boyz may take twin-linked shoota for free
Ghazghkull becomes a HQ selection rather than a LoW, gains Leadership 10, and has the following rules changes:
Da Waaagh of da Beast: All infantry units gain Hammer of Wrath in all Assault phases in which they charge.
Stampede: Ghazghkull can declare a Waaagh on each and every turn following the first turn.
All Characters gain Leadership of 10
All Characters may take Bosspole upgrade for free
Mob Rule roll:
1 Born to Fight
2-5 Breaking Heads
6 Squabble

Main Battle Tank – Predators that move 6” or less in the Movement Phase may fire as if stationary
Geared for Battle – Tactical Marines may select Special and Heavy Weapons at no additional points cost (but may not circumvent the limit on # of weapons selectable) and Tactical Squads numbering 10 models may select a Dedicated Transport at no additional points cost. Any Dedicated Transport must still pay full points for any upgrades or options it selects.
Well-Positioned – Scouts are treated as Ballistic Skill 4 until the first time they move (regardless of reason or phase) during the game.
Allies - Inquisition are treated as Allies of Convenience
Vanguard, Sternguard and Honor Guard units are considered Objective Secured Units when they are wholly outside your Deployment Zone
Vanguard Veterans may reroll their scatter dice and distance when deep striking, and may assault the turn they arrive from Reserves (whether normally, outflanking or via deep strike)
Sternguard Veterans count their weapons as twin-linked the turn they arrive from Reserves, and gain the Preferred Enemy (All) USR
Terminator Armored and Dreadnought models are not slowed by Difficult Terrain in any way
Terminator Squads are Objective Secured Units (NOT counting Assault Terminators), and gain Feel No Pain (4+) when within 3” of an Objective
Assault Terminator Squads and Centurion Assault Squads gain Feel No Pain (4+) when locked in combat, and may re-roll both dice when determining their distance charged
Dreadnoughts (of all types) may only be denied by units with the Objective Secured rule (but may NOT deny Objective Secured units), and may choose to Skyfire at the beginning of their Shooting Phase if they did not move

Any Long Fang unit may choose to gain the Skyfire USR at the beginning of any Shooting Phase.
Blood Claws – Blood Claws always treat their unit as being joined by a Wolf Guard or Independent Character for purposes of their unique assault-related rules. They gain the Furious Charge special rule, and increase their Weapon Skill to 4.
Retribution Above All Else: Any Grey Hunter or Blood Claw (including Fast Attack Blood Claw options) unit may purchase this rule as an upgrade for +10 points. During deployment, you must select one model from each Retribution Above All Else unit. This MAY NOT be a Wolf Guard model. It is deployed separately as a Lone Wolf, with the statline and rules of the Elites selection bearing the same name (including status as an Elite unit, and not a Troop). It is equipped with exactly the gear and upgrades carried by the model selected from the original unit. NOTE: As the decision to use this rule is made during Army List Construction, please ensure your army is modeled and/or marked to effectively identify each Lone Wolf during play.
Bjorn the Fell-Handed gains the following new profile:
n Unit Type: Monstrous Creature
n He is Fearless, and retains all other special rules, ranged weapons and abilities. He is also equipped with a single Close Combat Weapon for purposes of the Assault Phase.

For each HQ on a Thunderwolf, one unit of TWC may be nominated as an Objective Secured unit (it still remains in the Fast Attack slot)
Instead of one per unit, ALL Grey Hunter and Blood Claw models may select the Mark of the Wulfen for +5 points / model
Fenrisian Wolves selected as Troop units remove the Supernumenary USR

Allies: Inclusive of the interaction with Codex Supplement: Farsight Enclaves, all Tau “Battle Brothers” relationships become “Allies of Convenience” instead.
All Tau Flyers – Treat their AV as 12/12/10. Resolve any weapons they are equipped with at +1 Strength (excluding Marker weaponry).
No Kroot or Vespid units of any kind may be taken
Stealth Suits are Objective Secured units and gain the Acute Senses special rule
Fire Warrior models that selected a Devilfish Dedicated Transport treat their weapons as twin-linked so long as they are wholly within 6” of their unit’s Dedicated Transport
Devilfish selected as Dedicated Transports for Fire Warrior units numbering 10 or more models may select up to 3 vehicle subsystems OR unit options at NO additional points cost
Kroot: gain the Stealth (all), Relentless, Rage and Hatred (all) special rules
In Kroot Squads with at least 20 models, the Shaper is a free upgrade and gains the Stubborn USR
Vespid - Gain stealth (all), 3+ armor save, and may make a Jet Pack move during the assault phase
No signature systems may be selected
You may not select Crisis Suit Teams, Stealth Suits, Pathfinders, Riptides, Broadsides or Fire Warriors

Allies: Tyranids may treat the Tyranid codex as a potential Battle Brother ally.
Synapse Creatures (with the exception of Doom) gain the Eternal Warrior USR.
Zoanthropes improve their base # of Wounds to 3.
Pyrovores change the Flamespurt ranged weapon profile to – S6 AP4 Torrent.
Venomthropes may be permanently attached to a unit of Carnifexes or Termagants during deployment. They do not gain the Character or Independent Character special rules, and operate as a member of the unit for all rules purposes. They also change their Instinctive Behavior to that of the unit they join. No unit may be joined by more than a single Venomthrope in this fashion.
Raveners may select Ranged Weapon and Rending Claw biomorphs at no points cost.
Hive Tyrants (including the Swarmlord) may purchase a Warp Field biomorph for 25 points, granting them a 4+ invulnerable save. Purchasing this upgrade reduces the # of Psychic Powers they can generate by 1.
Hive Crones and Harpies improve their armor save to a 3+.
The Exocrine’s Large Blast shooting profile gains +1S.
The Haruspex gains the Fleet USR and is not slowed by Difficult Terrain; its total number of base Attacks are doubled against units with a majority Toughness 4 or lower.
Tervigons are reduced to 150 points base cost.
Carnifexes may swap their Scything Talons for Monstrous Ranged Biomorphs at no additional cost.


  1. Hi Mike - I asked you this on Dakka, but just to confirm now that the final primer/supplements are out - I can build my army as follows:

    1) Codex: Space Marines
    2) Codex Supplement: Clan Raukaan - This is applied to my primary detachment.
    3) NOVA Supplement - rules of this trump everything in the prior two books.

    Or, from a Tau perspective:

    1) Codex: Tau
    2) Codex Supplement: Farsight Enclave
    3) Tau NOVA supplement for my respective faction, behaving as mentioned above.


  2. One last item - the bonus for guard:

    Veteran Squads may use their ranged weapon as a 2-handed weapon in close combat, but only hit on 5+ when doing so.

    Are there added benefits for 2H weapons in NOVA? Apologies if I'm daft and over looking something, but the only thing I see in the BRB is the penalty of not gaining an extra attack.

    1. My understanding is that they can use the profile of the ranged weapon in combat (for example a meltagun would enable a S8 AP1 attack). Like you mentioned the 2-handed distinction is to keep them from gaining bonus attacks.

  3. Could you elaborate on the Tzeentch daemon trait? Do you select the Warp Dice you wish to use for the power, roll for the purposes of perils, and then the opponent must deny all of those dice as if they were all successes?

    1. You still roll however many dice you wish (but at least the WC cost), and regardless of how many are 4+, the spell goes off. However, your opponent only has to deny the same number of dice as were actually 4+ (to a minimum of 1).

    2. Wouldn't that mean if you roll zero dice over 4+, you fail still? Because that would mean your opponent needs 0 sixes.

    3. We'll tweak this one in the next twenty four hours

    4. Also, what happens for those who want to bring Imperial Knights, Inquisition or a combo of the two? Are the left in the breeze?

    5. You're allowed to bring them. The supplements aren't mandatory.