Monday, August 25, 2014

Quick Hitter - Online Registration Closes Tomorrow for NOVA

There are only about 25 unsold GT tickets.
There are only a couple of unsold Warlords Narrative tickets.
Warmachine has maybe one all event pass? Otherwise sold out.
X-Wing singles championship sold out, not much left in the rest.
Fantasy has only one ticket of 64 left.
Infinity and Malifaux have room left, but not infinite (heh).
Blood Bowl has some room left.
Flames of War has some room left.
Many of the Seminars are nearly sold out.
There are no more swag bags left.

What's the point here? Signing up day of is risky business.

Can't wait for the fifth annual NOVA Open!


  1. Mike, I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am. This is my third NOVA in a row and every year I have a blast. Win or lose in the tournaments, I always find something to draw from the experience.

  2. Matt, my fiancé and I are massively looking forward to this. Long trip and we are hoping the volcano doesn't ruin things but it's going to be epic.

    Furiously painting many many daemons. Fun times!