Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NOVA Open Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, X-Wing Tickets - Do NOT Wait Until Day Of, Nearly Sold Out

This is just a quick PSA, as I know in the area each year some people have shown up the day of to play in events within Fantasy and WM/H, and may think to do the same for X-Wing this year.

X-Wing has plenty of all pass room left, but the Singles event is NEARLY sold out (counting all passes as reg'ed for it, + singles-only registration), which is the Saturday event.

WM/H has nearly 70 unique registrants (all passes + a la carte event purchasers), and is nearly sold out for the main Steamroller and the event in general. This is after selling out previously and us opening more spots up. If you are a local WM/H or traveling player and assuming you'll be able to show up and play in all events, please please please correct your thinking and reg in advance. Nobody wants to turn you away or say you can only hope to get in here or there.

Warhammer Fantasy is in the same boat, nearing 60 registrations and with only 64 spots, and that's a HARD CAP THIS YEAR. We started with only 32, and doubled down when it sold out way early. But we cannot make more room.

9 Days to NOVA.

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