Monday, August 19, 2013

Torrent of Fire Registration / Account Linking


If you are in the 40kGT and/or Invitational, check your spam / promotions / etc. filters for the Newsletter sent out yesterday with your personal ID # to grab your Torrent of Fire account.

In order to protect attendee security, we did not share e-mail addresses / contact information with Torrent, so they created unique ID's for each player, so that you can create your accounts and go "link" if you wish to be registered with Torrent (which enables keeping track of who you are / your clubs for pairing / pairings avoidance, lifetime stat tracking, etc. etc., and perhaps most importantly - live self scoring w/ mobile devices). Go ahead and get that done now if you desire to, so you don't have to bother with figuring it out at the last minute at the con.

If you have any questions, fire away!

 - Mike


  1. Just got mine setup, looks good, will there be a native app by the open or just a web app?

    1. Just web-based; it's mobile friendly / yada yada.

      When you log in to the event once it's started, it'll show at the top of the main event page within app.torrent who you are playing, at what table, and the word "Score" next to it. You tap score, enter scores, and donezo.

  2. Have all of the IDs been sent out? Checking now but I see nothing in Spam, and nothing in the ole' Inbox...

  3. Hi Mike, I didn't get anything (also, only signed up lat week).

    How do I sign up? This is Matt Bennett, btw.