Friday, August 16, 2013

Torrent of Fire Alert / Update

First, stealth pimp - WHY HAVEN'T YOU CHECKED OUT REDEMPTION OF THE FALLEN YET? Support charity, contribute to a good cause, and maybe win an absurdly sweet army ...

ALL 40k players, and Invitational players.

A pair of distinct newsletters will be going out shortly to just you guys. Make sure you are not on spam lists / etc., make sure to check your Gmail Promotions tabs.

These newsletters will be mail merged to give each attendee their personal User ID to "take over" their Torrent of Fire account, and enable player lifetime record keeping, Mobile Self Scoring, live score updates, etc.

For the viewing / non-attending audience at large, you'll be able to follow along with live results and all table pairings as they occur via the app. link below.

Once they're public, just click the Invitational or GT to get live status on any and all players and how they're doing, the army of who they're playing, etc. etc.

Players - even if you aren't someone with a tablet or smart phone, you'll want to snag your Torrent of Fire account and register w/ them. List your CLUBS also, and make sure your friends in the same clubs list theirs. The software will automatically avoid pairing club mates and state-mates for the first couple rounds, and that's true at ANY EVENT IN THE FUTURE that uses Torrent of Fire ... I already know at least 11th Co GT, BFS, FoB, the Redstone Rumble, and others are in talks w/ them. They tweak their scoring software to suit the tournament / format.

If you list your club and register correctly, any time you attend a tournament - whether an RTT or GT or whatever - that uses Torrent of Fire, they'll automatically know who you are and who not to pair you with, etc., plus it'll have your personal stats records and other things on file.

So, watch for the e-mails, follow the instructions, get yourself registered, and make your NOVA experience even more radical.

Relevant links

40k GT has only about 20 spots left; if you're a slacker, you're nearly screwed! :)

This deserves a smile b/c we've actually sold our spots entirely, but we've had some pre-drops (Which is normal). We'll probably have some noshows day of, as that's way normal, but no idea how many or what to expect.

We are SO excited, going to be an amazing NOVA!

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