Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NOVA MOVE IN; Good Luck to All, UStream Live, and more

NOVA is here. It's by far our biggest and most ambitious yet. I'm already a little on the tired side, but at the same time incredibly excited, and incredibly proud of our staff.

I'll be mostly MIA starting with move in this morning.

Volunteer David G will be monitoring the live feed and keeping things busy on the social media fronts.

The 11th Co live stream info ... spread the word:
information about our upcomign live streaming of the top table at Nova Open.
You can find the stream at:
We will be starting on Thursday at around 5:30pm Eastern and will be broadcasting the top table for both the invitational and the Nova Open.
Thanks for your time,
Pat, 11th Co

Follow the NOVA on Facebook for live updates from the con.

Follow the NOVA and invitational for live forty k stats, results, pairings, and more at

See you all there!


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