Sunday, August 11, 2013

Final NOVA Invitational 2013 Roster

This represents one of the toughest crowds we've ever had for the Invitational.

The schedule this year for it is also much easier, leaving players fresh in all / nearly all games (1 game Thurs night, Fri AM, Sat AM, and then the 2 final games Sun afternoon).

Daniel Bunker
Tony Kopach
Alexander Fennell
Nick Nanavati
Jens Gertsen
Ragnar Arnesson
Matt DeFranza
Alex Bessinger
Ben Mohlie
Andrew Gonyo
James Watkins
Jesse Newton
Allan Hernandez
Alan Bajramovic
Brad Nichols
Brett Perkins
Brad Townsend
Eric Hoerger
Jeremy Veysseire
Bob Roda
Vaden Ball
Robert Fortin
Aaron Aleong
Alex Harrison
Werner Born
Neil Gilstrap
Robert Tilly
Matt Schuchman
Adam Tricola
Nick Rose
Kurt Clauss
Mark Aksel

Are you getting excited for NOVA yet? Any questions unanswered?

The hotel room block is getting close to sold out, and the days to reserve it and its amazing $85/night room rate are also running low.

The FAQ has been updated as well, and should be republished soon ... keynote changes include ruling Vengeance Weapons Batteries are "Emplaced Weapons" and not "Gun Emplacements."

Have you checked out seminars in your off time? Magic events and booster drafts? Are you submitting anything to the paint competition?

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