Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fantasy GT Update - 6 spots left

Quick PSA - Only 6 of 64 spots remain in the Fantasy GT.

Infinity, Warmachine, and 40k are all also very close to sold out.

The Masterclass Painting Seminar #10 (see schedule) has I think 1 spot left.

A LOT of stuff is filling up late ... this isn't a very comprehensive list. If you're a dawdler, grab your tickets.

Also, I don't think the hotel room block stays open at $85/night until the day of ... if you haven't reserved your room for any reason, do so ... there are not very many rooms left. I think like 23 room-nights total left? You can always cancel your reservation if you can't make it, at 0 cost.


  1. I was under the impression the 40K GT didn't sell out, you just kept making it bigger?

    1. The 40k GT will sell out at 256. We've never gotten there, and noshows/late drops always happen with about 10-20% of attendees, but yeah ... after 256 we're out of space, tables, and terrain :p