Friday, October 28, 2011

NOVA Open 2012 - Brewings and ... Details Soon

Just a quick update for you all.

It's looking possible that NOVA Open 2012 will be Labor Day weekend 2012, for a variety of reasons - August 30-September 2 or so.

Dramatic improvements on all fronts, and an increase in the # and variety of events offered are all in the finalization to development stages.

Expect a significant offering as well for more casual and narrative loving gamers, as well as seminars and the addition of major painting competitions for pure hobbyists.  There's a TON in work, but we're getting close to formal announcements.


  1. im excited to see what you have up your sleeve mike its sounds like once again to be an awsome event. Having it on a long weekend is a great idea because im sure you have lots planned.

    I do have one concern however. As a famly man with a few kids under the belt there are certain long weekends that can proove tough to get away from the family. Labor day being one of them. 3-4 days away to game entail some wrangling as it is on a normal weekend. However one of the summer holiday weekends are alot toughter. Also people working weekends, such as i, will have a harder time swapping out of this weekend if they work. Not saying i wont be there ill be using every IOU possible to have the time off.... however it could be much harder to get the time.

    Hopefully im in the very small minority who will find it problematic to make it during this weekend.

  2. If NOVA is indeed on labor day weekend next year, I too will be missing it. As a high school teacher, the weekend falls amidst the opening of school, and I just cannot afford to be "NOVA-tired" while starting a new school year.

    Good luck in your planning! I hope NOVA 2012 is a blast for everyone who goes. At least I will be able to see pics!

  3. Thats a bad time for me as well... Labor day is a big weekend for me at work.
    Good Luck to everyone that can attend!
    Wish I could be there...

  4. That is a bad Idea just saying.

  5. I can make it, just as a college student, it really wouldn't matter which day it was on.

  6. I would not be making it either since that is my Wedding anniversary. Wife over 40k.

  7. I don't know who the anonymous folks are. :)

    A lot of date selection has to do with hotel availability, coupled w/ feedback on our survey regarding who can / can't make Labor Day 2012 if we hosted it that weekend.

    We'll be finalizing dates one way or an other by the end of this week, and posting up a full suite of information thereafter.

    One thing is for sure - our hotel room rates regardless of date/weekend/etc. are like to be almost unimaginably good for the region.

  8. Sadly, I most likely wont be able to do Labor Day either. Being a teacher I simply can't play with the days wrapping around that weekend and I do have school that Friday which would have me missing Thursday and Friday plus hustling down in NJ traffic Friday night to make it in time to play on Saturday. Hanging out Thurs and Fri mean more to me than actually playing in The Nova. I was actually hoping you would push The Nova up a week so I could completely clear the first day of school, and not have to worry about rushing home Sunday night.