Sunday, October 9, 2011

BFS Day 2

Round 1 loss on final tiebreaker by 46vp to deathwing in kp dow
Round 2 win max vp max quarters max objectives in quartets spearhead vs mech + jump hybrid ba
Round 3 win 1800vp 5 obj 4 quarters pitched objectives vs vendetta meltavet guard
Round 4 1935 vp 5 objectives 4 quarters win vs mass jump angels with devastators (simon leen) ... couldnt get last devastator

In Gold/top bracket vs Mephiston mech ba J. Ruiz and am the 4 seed. Only 3 undefeated and I'm the high seed 3-1.

Joining me in top are
Mannahin's CSM (4-0)
Holliday's GK (4-0)
Somerville's Guard (4-0)
Nanavati's Tau (3-1)
Ruiz's aforementioned BA (3-1)
Gilstrap's GK (3-1)
Hoerger's vanilla sm (3-1)
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  1. If you get a chance please tell Ryan that his 3 blobs park opponents are pulling for him!

  2. Onto the final four against Ragnar's CSM. Ragnar toasted Nanavati. Neil's GK beat Ryan's GK. Somerville's guard trying to table Hoerger's Vanilla SM on top 5 to catch up on KP.

  3. Eric pulled it out with nilla sm.

    Vanilla SM vs GK
    Guard vs CSM

    Nilla SM is Pedro redeemer with thundernators, 2 thunderfires, bunch of biker squads, 2 double las stern squads in rhinos.

    GK is Gilstrap with dual deathcult redeemers venerable psyfledreads and a couple minsize psybacks with coteaz and a libby.

    CSM is double lash prince + chosen rhino + 2 10man csm rhinos + 2x2 oblits + greater demon + 5 lessers + 2 5man csm squads + 3man combi melta termicide + 5 havocs with quad missile.

    And I'm strakenguard.

  4. Umm, wouldn't the nilla SM list not have any troops?

  5. Eric has a capt. on bike. Bikes are troops and stern score but are elites.

  6. Ah, ok, no capt was mentioned and I wasn't sure.

  7. Yeah I didn't mean to be so curt, it wasn't mentioned. Eric is a cool dude, cool list. I dunno if it has what it takes to beat those GK's tho, the Tfires will eat Acos and DCAs if they get the chance but they might not. Plus DCAs will crush bikes...

  8. Finals time. Me vs Neil.

    Game vs Ragnar came down to 10 veterans beating 10 chaos marines i. A neither side charged combat. Vets made 3 saves threw 6 wounds and i won ... Ragnar is really awesome.

  9. Nice - great to see some CSM and Tau up there in the top too.

  10. Gambled for five and it went 7. Had it at five then got hung up with contesting vens. Great tight game.

    I won Best Overall (ren man) and neil won best general (tc).

  11. Congrats to all :).

    Bat reps ;)?

  12. What? I thought IG was passe' :) Congrats to both you and Neil.

  13. Congratulations Mike! It was very nice to get to meet you and chat for a few minutes. Looking forward to seeing you again, hoping we can get a game before you retire to just run events! :)

  14. Congrats to both (and undefeateds from Day One)