Saturday, October 22, 2011

NOVA Brewfest Fall 2011 and New Necron Thoughts

Well today is the Fall version of the NOVA Brewfest. This is a biannual reliably awesome good time outdoors with music food and of course brewze. I'm a little under the weather so will be the light drinker of the crew today ... but there are still a good handful of highly touted consumables I'll be targeting with my limited "under the weather" tolerance.

New Necron are going to pose an interesting conundrum for the 40k metagame/community as a whole in that they are like to be a finesse army. The nature of scarabs and relatively anti-tank-incapable Troops that also get rolled in combat and ride expensive or strangely operating transports will combine to force players seeking broad Necron success to master the movement phase and its nuances more than ever before.

Can you effectively apply entropy to enough vehicles in vehicle spamming armies to make your warriors anti-tank capable and thus compensate for the very Tyranid-like dearth of FOC-wide reliable ranged anti-tank? Can you master the movement phase well enough to keep your troops out of combat yet also in play on the board for widespread objective grabbing?

The dex will be a very potent one in the right hands, but trust it will be the precise opposite of GK's "point psyflemen psybacks and dca's at things" playstyle.

I'll be drinking brewskis but I'm interested in what the more focused among you has begun to think about how Necron can play ... I know I've already ordered tomb spyders and scarabs off ebay to supplement my existing collection.

Necron were ny first army, and I've been waiting for a new dex to inspire me off Strakenguard. Here's hoping ...

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  1. a fall afternoon and brewz... man thats pretty close to heaven if you ask me.Would love to be there tipping a few back with ya mike. To bad you feel like shit though.

    Having looked at some of the rumors i would have to agree with you mike on finesse. Mid range/short shooting however now with greater mobility. Vehicals seem survivable with living metal and shielding. Rear armor 11 seems to point in the direction that your vehicals need to get in close and risk CC.

    Also did i read correctly warriors are t3 now ?

  2. I would have to agree with your initial assessment...there does seem to be a lack of reliable AT. CC based AT does indeed take a bit skill and finesse to make work.

    Only time will tell how they play out.

    I have been playing my necrons (and tau) for a long time, and look forward to the new Dex!

    thanks for the post.

  3. Quantum shielding is very interesting. How do you really deal with lots of AV 13, even if it's just temporary?

    I pretty much agree with Mike in that the Necrons will likely be a finesse army, but less so than the Dark Eldar.

  4. You mean 6 psyflemans isn't finesse?

  5. New wd has quantum shielding only going away on pens, and warscythes still doing 2d6 armor pen. Makes the vehicles and destroyer lords that much better IMO.

    what i'm thinking for my first playtest list is something along the lines of


    destroyer lord + warscythe and rez orb

    2 courts with lance crypteks with solar pulses

    full unit of wraiths

    2 full unit of scarabs

    and season with immortals, heavies and crypteks till you reach points limit. If monoliths can port guys out of combat from anywhere one or two might be a for sure thing to play around with

  6. I'm just a little surprised to see the scarabs be such a cornerstone in the army. Is anyone thinking of playing necrons without at least a couple big units of them?


  7. I played against Holliday last night with a squad of 3 tomb spyders protecting Imothek the super badass stormlord .... his powers are ridiculous.

    I had 2 squads of 10 scarabs, and a squad of 6 wraiths ... this is like to be a core for me, and for many players - 3 tomb spyders to regenerate scarabs, protect imothek; 20 scarabs for anti-walker duty and general "weaken armor so Immortals can shoot it" duty; 6 Wraiths for "kill all sorts of shit while being fast as balls" duty. These units all shined in tearing down a dread spamming paladin-supported psyback spamming GK list.

  8. Hearing them take down to gives good promise. I cant wait for this book

  9. err take down GK*, silly phone auto correct.