Saturday, October 8, 2011

Here at the Battle for Salvation

Trying out blogger for android and getting ready to head over. Here with locals Mike Somerville Eric Hoerger Mark Aksel Ryan Holliday etc. Spent last night drinking and socializing at bee dubs with Joe Johnson (fishboy), Bob Evers, Sean Nayden, Nick Nanavati, Sean Kemp, Chris Jawaballs Dubuque, Ed Pissclams Miller, Bob Sinnott and many others.

I come to the BFS to support Ed and the guys who are always there to help me out, and to connect with the great social environment present.

I anticipate 2-2 today ... that's my gut feeling at any rate.

I'll try to update during.

My final list is

Straken kitted with Dozer
5 chimera shotgun meltavets
Al and his two inf squads in chimeras
3 vennies

Till I'm able to post again ... happy Saturday all.

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  1. MARBO! Always fun. Pops in, does something epic, then dies heroically (well at least that's how he usually works for me) Let us know how he does.

  2. I hope you have some fun games, good luck!

  3. Good luck; wish I could be there!

  4. Lost by 44 vp on final tiebreaker brad nichols (who brat Tony in Invitational at NOVA). Weird time calling ended game in 5 after we went to 6. Called on 5. Played 6 and won.

  5. Ryan Holliday says he wants Stelel.

    1-1 ... full points quarters objectives tabling in round 2.

  6. I'm confused by your post at 9am there, did you play to 5 turns and lose or got to play 6 and win?

  7. Just so you know... when you list people you should use the abbreviation et al. in place of etc. :)

    Grammar Hammer moment aside, I hope you and the rest of the posse have a blast. And I finally know who pissclams is.

  8. Tabled a guad player who demmeched me turn 1 in a corner. I love alrahem.

    Marbo also has killed a ravenwing attack bike, terminator deatheing squad, sang priest and 10 asm, and 10 carapace meltavets.

  9. After the first loss three huge wins got me to top bracket as 6 seed. Playing localbuddy Ryan Holliday in round 5 tomorow am.

  10. We proudly have half the top 8 spots from the local crew in the form of Ryan Eric Mike and Mike ... joining N@navati Ruiz Arnesson and Gilstrap