Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Battle for Salvation Incoming

Well, back up to the Battle for Salvation this year in just a couple of days now.

The BFS is a 7-game, 64-player GT held up in New York.  I attended last year, lost Renaissance Man (Best Overall) by .01 points, and took Tournament Champion (solo undefeated up the brackets) while tackling some of the better players around, including Simon Leen, Bill McFadden, Alex Fennell and Andrew Sutton.

I got MAD lucky all over the place last year, and I don't anticipate the same good fortune this time around.  Looking forward to getting some good games in, and anticipating that someone (or multiple someones) is going to take me down this year at some point on Day 1.

My guard army is in a bit of a shambles right now with a ton of banged up / broken models I haven't been able to fix up in time, so I'll be borrowing portions of Andrew Gonyo's very well painted Imperial Guard.  Since the paint job won't be mine, I'll be bringing that to the attention of appearance scorers at the very beginning of the event when I'm judged.  If they follow the NOVA approach, I'll be scored as standard for Ren Man scoring, but ineligible for individual appearance awards.  Just as well, b/c Andrew's got some gorgeous models in the army.

This caused a bit of a mental segue for me into wondering how many people simply play dumb on this sort of thing, and don't mention to the appearance scorers that the army wasn't painted by them at all.

Anyway, I'm still trying to zero in on the final list I'll use, and the final points expenditures I'll make if I go with the guard again ...

My guard army at present looks something like:

Straken + 2 Melta + Banner + Medic + Carapace + 2 Bodyguard + Astropath + Chimera w/ HHF - 345

5 x Meltavets w/ Shotguns, trips melta, Chimera w/ HHF - 775
Al'Rahem w/ 2 Melta, Chimera w/ HHF - 175
Inf Squad w/ Melta, Chimera w/ HHF - 115
Inf Squad w/ Melta, Chimera w/ HHF - 115

3 x Vendetta - 390

Last year's BFS list, sans 85 points (2 bolt pistols and the GK BC w/ Hood).  So, the question continues to be where to spend those 85 points ... I've ranged from giving dozers to a couple chimeras and picking up Harker, to picking up flamers on Al'RAhem's squad (2) and a Hydra.  I'm up for input here if anyone would care to.

The Grey Knights list I'd use would be much more akin to some of the ones I posted a while back.


  1. Seems like more tournaments are doing a "proper" job of getting terrain on the board, so I think getting dozers on those chimeras would be a smart idea.

  2. Take Harker and put dozers on Harker's, Al's, and Straken's chimeras. Hydra seems a bit static.

  3. I agree with TKE - Marbo just for that "WTF ITS RAMBO" moment.

  4. Have you considered Colour Sergeant Kell? He's a pretty hefty investment into your CCS, but he provides:

    1. A Power Weapon at I4 base and/or a Power Fist - not exactly a GKGM but he's hidden in the unit. Sniping a Marine or two before they swing could be nice.
    2. A Regimental Standard with 2W instead of 1.
    3. Straken's Orders taken against his LD9 instead of LD8/7
    4. A WS4 model - meaning you might be able to manage WS5 "majority" on Straken's squad after taking a casualty.

    The extra 15 points could go into Al'Rahem's armament.

  5. As far as painting is concerned. I am never going to bring it up to any tournament officials. If they ask, I let them know I didn't paint my army.

    Basically either they better have something setup that lets me know what info they want on me from my army or I am not going to waste their/my time bringing it up.

    I wouldn't tell the judge that someone helped me write and playtest the list would I?

  6. You also don't recieve a separate score for writing a list or playtesting it, unlike painting.

    If someone else played your games for you, but no one asked you, would it be alright to recieve the best general prize?

    I mean they didn't tell you they wanted that information, so it's not your fault, right?

    I do agree that tournament organizers should specify details such as this in their packet when they talk about painting, but just hoping to slide by with no one thinking to ask/noticing then playing dumb at the end is a tad distasteful (imo).

  7. Brandt I will see you this weekend. I will be heading out to the venue on Friday at 3pm or so. I have to work that day. But I already prepped the wife to expect me home late so lets get drinks!


  8. Chris it's a date i'll get there in the five or six range.

  9. There are lots of bars right in the mall. Any one else is invited to get beers too. 40k is a social game!

  10. Amen Chris! I'm not even sure if I want to play / have the energy to play this weekend; I'm coming up primarily to connect with all the cool cats ya'll are up there, and to help Ed out with just a weeee bit of terrain to alleviate that last second strain.