Thursday, April 29, 2010

SACRILEGE! I'm building a Hobby List

My creative juices have been unused lately, and so I bought a couple packs and started up a hobby project. This will be a longterm list ... kitbashing Wolf and Blood Angel packs to create a "Blood Pack" ... still figuring whether the fluff will be an actual chapter, or a conglomeration of BA and SW who've been stuck in the field for an excessive amount of time together and thus begun co-working / sharing armor bits / etc.

List is intended to cater to what I want things to look like, not be competitive. I have guard for that.

2,000 Point Blood Pack

Mephiston, Lord of Death (will be renamed / heavily converted / not look like BA Mephiston at all)
Reclusiarch w/ Infernus Pistol, Jump Pack
Honor Guard w/ Jump Packs, Sanguinary Initiate, 2 x Honor Guard w/ Flamers, 2 x Honor Guard w/ Power Fist / Storm Shield

Chaplain w/ Infernus Pistol

5 x Assault Marines w/ Power Fist / Storm Shield Sarge, Flamer, Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer Razorback
5 x Assault Marines w/ Power Fist / Storm Shield Sarge, Flamer, Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer Razorback

15 x Death Company w/ 2 x Infernus Pistol / Thunder Hammer Marines, 4 x Power Weapon Marines
Land Raider Crusader Dedicated Transport w/ Multi-Melta Pintle

Death Company Dreadnaught w/ Interchangeable Talons/Fists, Drop Pod


  1. Can I make a suggestion? Give the Storm Shields in the Honor Guard with the Flamers. You want the Powerfist guys to live and since currently they have the storm shields you will be throwing all the wounds their way first making them roll more saves which in the long run will give them a better chance of dying. Also you will be assigning Low AP and High Strength shots on them so they won't get the feel no pain if they fail the storm shield save either.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. No, I'll just gank the flamers, heh. Don't care about 'em, and they'll always have a 4+ cover anyway, since it's my wont to keep infantry behind cover (and since infantry models only need to be covered by the slightest hair's breadth of cover to have it).

    I get your drift ... I just want the pfists to survive combats with power weapon heavy opponents ... more than I want the flamers to survive getting a 4+ cover vs. demolisher rounds and meltaguns instead of a 3+ invul.

    Good $.02, probably should have explained a little my thought process!