Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NOVA Open - Primer Tournament! + How You Can Run One

Ok, so we're hosting a Primer Tourney for the Open at the site of Whiskey & 40k nights to test drive the missions and the scoring system in a "real" situation.

It's 8 person, and we're calling it 8th on the 8th, as we'll be hosting it May 8th (Saturday).

3 rounds, natch, and THERE WILL BE TROPHIES! Unfortunately, there won't be any half eaten doughnut trophies (sadface).

We've built the proper scoring excel format for this (thanks Vaden) so we're ready to go on the plug and play front. We'll probably test drive facsimile results for a full 64 across 4 rounds numerous times leading up to make sure we're smooth and steady on the turnaround of scores and new match-ups, but this will be our only real playtest of the tourney format with "real peoples."

I'll take lots of pics, give you all full battle reports on each engagement, etc. I encourage you ALL who are attending or planning on attending to test drive the primer missions as well. Nobody, besides me, will know the ACTUAL mission/deployment combos for the event until very close in, if not the morning before - so no worries. Not only are you all free to test drive the primers, nobody else is going to do anything other than test drive the primers ;)

Our attendees (last names preserved to protect the innocent!11) will be ...

Vaden - Space Marines
Mark - Orks or Space Wolves
Mark(2) - Crimson Fists (either Marines, or BA)
John - Sisters of Battle (yes, we have a SoB player named John here also ...)
Ryan - Imperial Guard
Joe - Blood Angels or CSM
Rhett - Eldar
Dave - Blood Angels or Tyranid (I think)

If ya'll would like to run a mini-"Open" amongst your friends utilizing / test driving our missions and format, let me know and I can hook you up with the excel "program" that manages it.

- Mike


  1. I'm gonna ask around and see if folks wanna try it. I'll let you know.

  2. Good idea.

    I could probably rustle up 8 people, plus me to run it...need no additional judges, cos I'm there (natch) - I'd merely need a venue. Consider this on my 'To Do' list. :)

  3. Sweetening the pot - if you host your own 8 on the 8th, and keep in touch w/ me through the day with how things are going, and promise to photograph/report on the battles / lists / etc.,

    I'll provide the pair of trophies for you. Seriously, I'll have 'em show up at your door, on me.