Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Few BA Lists to Digest

Well, I was putting together a few BA lists for my buddy to try out (a longtime BA player whose location / work schedule has prevented him from having enough time to digest the book himself yet) .... and I figured I'd share them with ya'll

Also, there's a certain SOMEONE known for posting lots of lists for people to browse through who has been spending too much time on Ard Boyz stuff and old, dated Tyranid catch-up, so maybe some random users who can't come up w/ their own lists will get a head start from these.

I jest, mostly ;)

"Assault Marine Spam" ...

Astorath the Grim
Honor Guard w/ Lightning Claw/Meltagun, Meltagun/Bolter, Powerfist/Stormshield/Chapter Banner, Powerfist/Stormshield, Initiate

Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack, Power Sword, Hand Flamer

6 x
10-man ASM w/ 2 x Meltagun, Power Fist

That's it ... unless it's KP, you combat squad the ASM into 12 squads, and wind up with 13 squads of guys with FNP, FC, half of which (or more than half of which, statistically) are also Fearless, and the rest of which re-roll failed morale/pin tests (banner). 14 Meltaguns to back it all up, and lots of kick butt in combat. You'd probably at least consider attaching the Sang to one of the squads that rolls fearless, and NOT combat squad that one, so that you had a storm shield heavy fearless (b/c of Astorath) Honor Guard providing one FNP bubble, and another Fearless squad of 10 w/ the Sang hiding in it providing the other FNP bubble.

Caveat - I don't think you want to run a jump pack based army, I think you want your guys in transports still in this edition, but if you are GOING to go that way, I think this works pretty well.

"Termie Spam"

This list's achilles heel is taking lots of objectives, but I think it should be able to always take at least one and contest or table the rest ... again not one of their strongest lists, but if you want to simply spam FNP terminators ... another rock ....

Librarian w/ Storm Shield, TDA, Sanguine Sword, Blood Lance
Sanguinaries x 3 w/ TDA
8 TH/SS Terms + 2 LC Terms w/ LRR MM Pintle
4 TH/SS Terms + 2 LC Terms w/ LRC MM Pintle
5 x Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles, RESERVED
5 x ASM w/ bp/ccw (reserved if poss) w/ LRR MM Pintle

one of the combat squadded TH/SS squads gets into the ASM's LRR if you want
Trips raiders full of FNP S9 charging terms, hf if that kinda list works in your area ....

AV13 spam? OK

Librarian w/ Sanguine Sword, Shield of Sanguinius
Honor Guard w/ 2 Flamers, Rhino

Librarian Dreadnaught w/ Wings of Sanguinius, Might of Heroes or Blood Lance
Librarian Dreadnaught w/ Wings of Sanguinius, Might of Heroes or Blood Lance
Librarian Dreadnaught w/ Wings of Sanguinius, Might of Heroes or Blood Lance
YMMV on psy powers, but I think you need Wings to keep up

5 x ASM w/ Melta, Power Sword, Rhino
5 x ASM w/ Melta, Infernus Pistol, Power Sword, Rhino
5 x ASM w/ Melta, infernus Pistol, Power Sword, Rhino

Baal Predator w/ TL AC
Baal Predator w/ TL AC
Baal Predator w/ TL AC

Predator w/ Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons
Predator w/ Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons
Predator w/ Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons

9 AV13 vehicles, all of them able to move 12" and fire weapons ... 3 scoring troops units that can safely bunker up behind the AV13 all game and capture objectives, or if the opportunity presents itself can still throw 21 guys with power weapons in every squad, melta in most squads, and feel no pain / furious charge (thank you Honor Guard)

As with most of these types of lists, the "fast" threats should allow the trips preds to knock out transports with impunity all game long, and should keep most fire off them ... the Baals are as usual throwaways, and should have no trouble finding side armor on anything they really want to

You can refer back to my earlier post on BA to see a list I think is more on top of the power curve, but these offer some variety ... the prior one was 2 libbies in honor guard rhinos, 5 asm rhinos with dual melta + psword, 2 baal preds, and 3 of the trips preds above

Just rambling BA options for ya'll ... what input do you have on the lists? What would you change? What are you planning on using for BA early on?

- Mike


  1. Well, good to see somebody doing BA lists :P

    First list, what about DC? Astorath makes them gross and possibly even worth the silly cost. I prefer making the most of DoA with jump packers, or going for a hybrid with lots of Preds/Dreads in support.

    Second list, only 2 Troops? That's risky. This is a big time rock list. Dropping Termies here and there frees up points for more Troops. I'd put them in Razors and hold back, either behind the Raiders or just sitting on the back edge helping at range. Typhoons and dakka Preds fit too.

    Third list, I like. Maybe a bit short on Troopage, but 9 AV13 vehicles is just silly.

  2. The hybrid mech/jump packers is what intrigues me. Would something like 3-4 rhino's, a few preds/dreads and 3 or so deep striking melta squads be feasible. It's something i want to try out at the very least.

  3. I've been working on a hybrid style list. Basically it's just 30-40 FNP jump packers supported by AC/LC Preds, Typhoons, Riflemen, or Baal Preds. Present a big wall of stuff that needs S8+ to bring it down.

  4. I prefer the lack of Sponsons on Baals - I think that's far better. :)

  5. I have a growing fondness of Mephiston. He can advance with the army, using them as cover, and he positively shreds anything he touches, thanks to his ability to use all 3 of his powers each turn.

    Re Baals...It just seems to me if you aren't moving close to 12"/turn with them you aren't getting all your value. Given that, the side sponsons just snag terrain as you drive past.