Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick Notes ... Tourney News and Data

Hello all,

As I'm settling back into the desk after the weekend, I figured I'd take a moment to drop some key notes for you all to digest ...

FIRST, if you are attending / planning on attending the Open, especially for 40k, sign up!

SECOND, if you are attending / planning on attending the Open, and would like to help playtest the Mission Primers, let me know - I'll be releasing them with fancy presentation soon enough, but am happy to share the basics with whoever first.

THIRD, if you have ANY game / rule questions relevant to your own personal army that you would like us to specifically address w/ our FAQ, let me know.

FOURTH, more comprehensive and insightful posts coming today.

- Mike


  1. 1) Surgery on May 18th, 6 months of rehab, crutches, and I'm still iffy on the whole driving out for dollies :/

    I'd like to go, but I can't be sure until I'm in the middle of my rehab, so hopefully there will be spots left when June rolls around.

    2) I'd be willing to help playtest if you'll have me, I can still throw dice at my house and FLGS :P

    3) Can't think of anything ATM, but I'll let you know

    4) I'll believe when I see it:

    5) No love for B&H, I'm hurt.

  2. I sent you an email on the matter of #3. Sort of. :)

  3. While I check regularly, I'd appreciate an email of the Mission Primers too please - I won't be going (obvs, lol) but I'd love to try them out for myself. :)

  4. Same here, I'd love for you to post up the missions. The timing of NOVA Open is awful for me, but I pretty much love the ideas behind the event. I hope it goes well so next year some of us can travel down from NY for it.