Friday, April 23, 2010

8 on the 8th in Detail - FREE STUFF

OK, so I've posted about the fact that I'm doing this, but wanted to make it super clear so everyone has a free opportunity to join in.

On May 8 we're having an 8-person mini-event to stress test the mission and scoring format for the Open. As part of this, I've decided to open up the countrywide field and allow other people to participate by hosting their own 8 on the 8th. I will provide about $100 worth of stuff for this (eghads!) for anyone that does it properly. Here's what's required ...

1) 8 people + Organizer
2) Each person needs a 2k list - any amount of proxying/etc. allowed wherever you'll play is fine, this isn't a formal tournament, it's a mission stress test
3) 4 gaming tables (duh) with appropriate terrain (5-6 pieces/table, mission packet will explain how to use the terrain for each mission)
4) Camera, and basic typing skills / intelligence
5) Mission packets and scoring program (ms excel), which I will provide

What you have to do ...
1) Host an 8 person, 3 round tournament utilizing the primer missions and format for the Open; there will be no sportsmanship, painting, etc., just the missions and the scoring format to "stress test" the system
2) Host it on May 8
3) Talk to me obviously leading up to make sure all is in order
4) Communicate via a blog post for comments during the day as able to see how things are going

What I will provide ...
1) A "Best" and "Worst" humorous pair of trophies, shipped to you the organizer's door
2) One free pass to the NOVA Open, for the winner of your 8 on the 8th

I'm not going to have more than about 4 other people doing this, to keep personal expenses manageable - comment here and contact me ( to set this up formally

- Mike


  1. I'm trying to get some people into it, hopefully incentives will help.

  2. If I can get it done, can my NOVA pass be deferred until such time as I can fly to the US to play toy soldiers? lol

    I obviously wouldn't ask to take one of the slots for this year though.

  3. If I win the 8 on 8, do I get a free pair of passes? =P

  4. Coolio, thank ye kindly.

    I assume it's okay if ,given that I'm working the 8th, I can run it the 7th. lol

    I have 4 players I can for another 4, and a Venue...

    I may also end up lending out 2+ armies, which will be a stress test of a different kind...

  5. Just gotta get in touch with me, let me know how it's going, etc., when it happens.

    Also, I'll need to send you the excel program that does the calcs and match-ups for you. So - stay in touch, let me know.

  6. Bad news:
    Not going to be able to do anything on the 8th

    Good news:
    I'm going to keep working on it. A new LGS is opening at the end of the month, so maybe I can get something set up there. Main problem is that I work Saturday, and most other people tend to have jobs on other, more normal days. :(

  7. No worries on the 8th, TKE ... Stelek from Utah is participating in one, I'll be running mine, and we may have one or two others pop up at the last moment.