Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Terrain Day Saturday 5/23 - Come Have Some Fun!

We're drawing ever closer to this year's  NOVA Open. 

In doing so, we always have at least monthly terrain days that carry with them a lot of perks for all involved, including (but not limited to) free beverages (alcoholic and non), food (breakfast snacks/coffee and lunch), good company (but for seriously), and a lot of opportunities to learn a wide range of hobby skills and techniques (gleaned through years of trial, error, and learning ourselves from others).

This particular weekend, we'll be enjoying hopefully great weather while painting terrain, finishing some other terrain production, and having a generally great time.

We have a big ole evite list of people who attend these things regularly, but routinely have new folks interested and need a way to get them on the evite list ... ipso facto, e-mail me at and I'll get you invited :)

If you can't make this one, we have at least 2 more before the year's terrain production efforts are done.

In other news, for the sake of sharing w/ the community, I got hitched last week! Apologies for any delays in e-mail / blogging that have been going on as a result of that whole thang :)


  1. Congrats on getting married. When's MiniBrandt coming? LOL everyone asks crap like that. You should also expect "Hows married life?" to which you just reply its awesome the sex is great and I never do my own laundry! LOL. dont do that actually.

    1. I'm still in the naive, halcyon days of pretending married life will be as wonderfully cheery and happy in 50 years as it is 5 days after the wedding!

      Thanks, Tim!

    2. Don't worry it probably will be pretty cheery.

  2. Congratulations Mike! The photo in the newsletter was very nice! You guys look crazy happy :).

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