Monday, May 11, 2015

Charity BBQ Backyard Tourney - 40K and Malifaux - July 18, 2015

Hello all!

Back in 2009, the NOVA Open got its start with a 40k tournament in a park, hosting 32 players across 4 rounds. Two years ago, we hosted another one of these in a backyard in Vienna, hosting 32 players in a more laid back 3-round setting.

We'll be bringing it back again this year, on July 18. So, clear your calendars! The event will be hosted in McLean, VA.

There'll be grilled vittles, tasty beverages, and plenty of games and gamers. Cover will be planned and provided in case of rain, and details for price (in the form of a donation to your charity of choice via the NOCF) are still to come.

For an idea of what to expect, check out coverage of the last one by Bob Roda, who drove down from CT to attend.

You can help us out by e-mailing or posting here if you're interested in attending!

Here's a photo from the last one of Andrew "Captain America" Gonyo facing off against Nick "AdeptiCon ThreePeat" Nanavati!


  1. This sounds awesome Mike! I'd love to attend even I don't actually play and just meet some of you folks (haven't seen many since last years nova).

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  3. Mike!!! I'm totally interested!!! I was hoping to get into the last one, but was unable to... So please consider me for this one!

  4. I'm definitely interested

    -Justin Grandinetti

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