Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Adding the Total Wow Factor to the NOVA Open 2015 - What a Con Should Be and Have

6 years ago now, I walked into the main 40K hall of my first AdeptiCon.

Right smack dab in the middle of things near the registration desk, I saw Sabol Designs' incredible display done just to be cool ... http://thepaintingcorps.blogspot.com/2010/03/adepticon-2010-sabol-diorama.html

So ... over the years, all I've really, really wanted was to be able to do some of the same kinds of OMG WOW stuff at NOVA. We've done it on occasion - i.e., our 6 foot tall scale Washington Monument for the 40K Narrative events.

This year, we're taking it to a whole new level across a bunch of our different events and activities.

First off, a badass sneak peak at this year's [and our first ever] official NOVA Open Show Miniature:

The attendees of the NOVA Open over the past several years have helped us design and innovate our very own background universe, in which reside the awe-inspiring galactic "peackeepers" self-titled as The Virtue. Destined to be over the size of a Tyranid Warrior, this incredible showpiece will be available at the NOVA, and will be in every SuperNOVA's bag. Far more details to come, as well as some awesome paint jobs by some true area pros.

Second off, we're super excited to be hosting a ton of Malifaux events this year, with vetted and awesome leads Matt Stanley and Maht Crestborn, who are joined (quite excitingly) by a new co-TO, the very designer of Malifaux, Justin Gibbs. We're also excited this year's event suite includes the first ever Malifaux National Championships (an open invitation event). In support of that, we've been fortunate enough to gain the services of Wright War Game Terrain ... whose work should speak for itself (especially that awesome Laketown!). Their first project for us this year is a massive, fully scenic and fully tournament playable Gremlin superdistillery and bayou town. The first video of this epic board after its first day of production can be seen HERE.

Finally, we're super excited about X-Wing at NOVA this year, with the event on its way to 100 unique attendees ALREADY. It already sold out and had to double down on the Narrative Event. What's doubly cool is the Narrative Event will be battled out around the most epic piece of terrain ever made for NOVA ... and perhaps one of the most nerdgasming Star Wars items ever. Many Bothans died to bring us even this little bit of a sneak peak at the plans to our forthcoming scale replica Avenger class Star Destroyer. Holy Canolies.


  1. Holy shit that open show figure! I can imagine slapping on armor plates and converting it to a Tau model. Heh funny idea--why don't you add a category to the palette for 2016 that only allows entries of this fig. Conversions a plus! Like the Open figure category. Over the years, as you get more open figs, the range of models that can be entered expands allowing the category to evolve over the years. LIke say in 2020, you'll entries that include 2015-2019 figs? (loads of conversion work hopefully, as well as untouched but awesome new paint jobs) Yep, that'd be awesome.

  2. This figure would make an awesome Herald of Nurgle.

    1. Interesting. I wonder if a few people would like to take a crack at painting their own ones up pre NOVA ...

  3. So flipping awesome! Super excited about the star destroyer!