Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NOVA Quick Hit Updates - Show Mini Pre-Orders Up; 2 Weeks Until Pass Early Bird Price Goes Away; 40K Army Construction Changes

First, the really badass NOVA Open Official Show Miniature is now up for pre-sale on the site. We'll close down pre-sale on July 1, so get it while you can. We'll have a few for sale at the show, but supplies will be strictly limited. Pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee getting them. You can order as many as you want, if you want to get some for your friends / etc., so long as you make your pre-order on or before July 1. The detail came out SUPER awesome on these guys, as we've got a few early casts in hand from Prodos. A few of the more talented local painters are working up a few to help show off the deets with a good paint job.

You can pre-order them from this link, picking them up at the NOVA Open proper.

Second, the Convention Access Pass that is the primary attendance item for the NOVA remains at the $40 early bird rate ONLY UNTIL JUNE 15. You must acquire it on or before that date in order to avoid a $10 higher rate. There are also a shrinking number of Swag Bags left, which are one of the cooler things at NOVA, and they go first come first serve to CAP purchases.

Finally, army construction amendments are finalized. The primer will update very soon (being worked by Neil Gilstrap and the rest of us 40K guys presently), but this is pulled from the Newlsetter that went out yesterday.


  1. Is the mini included in the super nova passes, or separate? (looks wicked cool!).

    1. Super NOVA passes will get a Virtue miniature in each bag, I believe.

    2. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks! (I wouldn't want to see your inbox later today!)

  2. Not a fan of how NOVA is handling composite detachments. Each formation should take up 1 detachment slot like it does for every other army. In rulebook 40k it's not an issue since every army can take as many formations as points allow, but with a detachment limit it creates an uneven playing field from the start (which is not cool).

    That said, thanks for all the hard work Mike, Neil, and everyone else. We all definitely appreciate it.

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