Tuesday, June 9, 2015

JULY 18 Charity BBQ Registration Open - Details and How To Register - Also, LIVE MUSIC!

32 x 40K spots (missions and format pulled from http://www.novaopen.com/wp-content/uploads/2015-40K-GT-Invitational-June-22-Primer.pdf)
16 x Malifaux spots

Several of these are already gone, these events will both sell out very fast

$30 will get you just entry
$40 will get you food, bev, and entry (much cheaper than procuring it solely on-site)

Do the $40

This is done as a donation to the NOCF for its supported charities. You make the donation, we welcome you!

Address will be provided to attendees in our packet once finalized, as this is a Backyard BBQ Tournament. It will be in McLean, VA, just off 123 in McLean proper.

8AM - 9AM check-in
9AM - 12PM Round 1 (Both 40K and Malifaux)
12PM - 1PM Lunch
1PM - 4PM Round 2 (Both 40K and Malifaux)
4PM - 430PM Break
430PM - 730PM Final Round (Both 40K and Malifaux)
730PM - 800PM Clean-Up
800PM - 830PM Awards/Thanks

We'll probably designate an after party bar in the Tyson's or similar area nearby, but this will be informal

The NOCF site is a bit under construction in advance of their coming Army Raffles, which are gonna be super awesome this year.


You can see the events there

Until account creation is fixed, you'll want to send money via paypal to novacharities@gmail.com
Please indicate in notes whether you are sending your reg fee for 40K or Malifaux

It is highly likely there will be some form of live music at least during game breaks. We'll probably have things like cornhole, ladder ball, and bocce as space permits. Bring your significant others and what-not!


  1. For added incentive for everyone...I'll be there! You can blow up my ork walkers!

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