Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Revolutionizing 40k Tournament Gaming - Debut at the NOVA Open 2013; Torrent of Fire

40k Shouldn't Be Like the DMV

Waiting in line, taking a number, just trying to get some info. Airports, hospitals, voting booths...same deal.  Enough already! Warhammer is YOUR TIME.
That's why the 2013 NOVA Open is set to unveil Torrent of Fire to give you back your time and focus on the game. No more standing in lines. No more scrambling to find out who won or lost. No more waiting. Get live streaming results of every game, whether you're in the gaming hall or half way around the world.

This fall Torrent of Fire will revolutionize the way tournament information is gathered, recorded, and shared. But that's not all. Sign up now to be the first to receive all breaking news and updates.

This is the 2nd teaser from the NOVA newsletter about Torrent of Fire. TOF is a major NOVA Open sponsor this year, set to unveil its revolutionary new product(s) at the NOVA. They'll have a booth, and reportedly there will be booth babes as well, and most importantly ... their software will be integrated with the NOVA itself.

Stay tuned ...

On the Whiskey blog front, coming later today is a post outlining the rationales and tactics for the 40k Primer / Missions for this year's GT and Invitational. It's a little odd to be posting that sort of thing perhaps, but it's been requested enough there's a compelling reason to. Stay tuned for that as well.